“Tomorrow is parents meeting in Kelly’s school. I have no idea what to wear” Tosin said getting up to refill his glass at my mini bar.
“You are the latest dad in Town, I am sure you will figure it out” I said laughing at his predicament.
“You still haven’t told me who gave you that black eye”
I cursed and gulped down my drink. My left eye was blackened with purplish circles under it, which made me resort to using dark shades when stepping out.
“How is Kelly?’’ I asked, changing the topic. If there was anything my friend liked it was talking about his five year old daughter.
“Dude did you just change the topic? This is serious! What is her name?”
I feigned ignorance and tried my best to give him a blank stare, Tosin obviously didn’t buy into the” I ran into a wall” bull story I dished to him earlier. Who would believe such lame story?
“Kelvin I have known you since childhood, you are not the type to run into a wall. It is more like you ran into a jealous boyfriend’s fist” he taunted amidst roaring laughter.
I cursed and gave myself away. “Don’t you have something better to do?”
“Oh please! It has been long I had a good laugh. What is her name?”
“I don’t know!” I muttered. The silly girl had being more concerned about her table than the guy who saved her life. My only soothing thought was the fact that I bloodied the nose of her so called boyfriend.
“A night stand no doubt, but how did her boyfriend get involved? Was he the bouncer at the club where you picked her up?” he teased.
“I only saw her na.kedness and I got this” I pointed to my eyes. “I wonder what will happen if I actually stick in my stuff”
Tosin’s laughter resounded in the room. It was good to hear my friend laughing once again. The last five years has been terrible for him, a dark secret tore his family apart and sowed the seed of hatred between him and his father. His elder brother whom he looked up to betrayed him and he found himself out on the street with only the clothes he had on his back. He was resilient and that resiliency has paid off but he was never the same again, the only bright spot in his life now was his five year old daughter, Kelly.
“So you didn’t even stick it in! I have to go pick up Kelly at school”
I reached for my Iphone ringing beside me on the sofa.
“Kelvin You have to go see your fiancé now! She needs you now, more than ever” My mother said. “ Your father and I will meet you at their place”
“Calm down mom, what happened?”
“Victoria has gone missing; the family is frantically searching for her and your fiancé need you by her side now”
I don’t know why my family keeps pushing Linda on my neck. She was classy and sexy but there was a certain dark aura about her which I don’t like. She was nothing like her petite and kind hearted sister.
“Mom have they notified the authorities?”
“Kelvin please quit asking questions. You should already be on your way now; it will speak well of you if you are there to comfort Linda”
“I will Mom”
“Thank you son” she said and disconnected the call.
Tosin sat down on the sofa, a frown marring his handsome face. “What happened?”
“Linda’s sister, Victoria has gone missing”
“My God!” He pushed up his phone from his jean pocket; he pressed some numbers into it and raised it to his ear. “Hello Mother. Please can you pick Kelly from school? …….. alright.”
I laughed in disbelief. I couldn’t believe the obsessive dad just called his mother to pick up his child.
“Why are you not picking your daughter yourself?”
“Didn’t you just say Linda’s petite and sexy sister has gone missing? We are going to help look for her of course!” he stood up, urgency oozed from every pores on his body.
“Wait dude, you met the babe only once last year and you are willing to play cop because……..” I trailed off intentionally hoping he would complete the sentence.
“Kelvin let’s go. Have they notified the police? How long has she been missing?”
Tosin kept bombarding me with questions on the way to the Joseph’s Residence.He was genuinely worried and I wondered briefly if there was something he wasn’t telling me. I remembered the first time I came to this house, years ago, I must have been five or six. My mother and some ladies were having tea with the late Mrs. Joseph, Linda and I was the only kids present so we were asked to go play in the yard.
“My father said you will be my husband someday” the little girl said revealing her bare upper gum.
I ignored her and continued kicking the ball I saw in the yard.
“Are you deaf? Well……… I don’t want to marry you! You look too thin and your mother looks like a pig! A fat pig!” she laughed, spinning an imaginary hula hoop round her tiny wispy waist.
“I will knock out your teeth if you call my mother a pig again!’’ I threatened the little demon.
“Try it and see! Your mother is a……..”
I shoved her hard onto the green grass. She stood up, dusted her behind and marched into the house. Minutes later, I heard the ladies in the house screaming and they all rushed out to the yard where I was. My mother was in front of them like she was leading them to the war front.
“You naughty, naughty boy!” she took hold of my ears with both hands, twisting it hard.
“Boys are so naughty!” One of the women said. ‘’ You should train this boy properly, his heart is too dark for a little child?”
“Mom Please….. I didn’t do anything to her.” My mother grabbed both of my ears, twisting it hard.
“Please don’t tell lies Kelvin…..…you should apologize to your friend for hurting her so” Linda’s mom said in her angel like whispery voice.
That was when I saw the blood on Linda’s thumb. How she could hurt herself just to implicate me was beyond my young mind and thoughts.
“He used a blade to cut my finger” she cried.” He threw the blade there” she pointed towards the Dog cage.
Her mother lifted gently into her arms carrying her back to the house. The other ladies admonished me while my mother continued twisting ears. In the end I was made to apologize to her, till date I don’t know how she managed to pull that off.
The gate man threw open the gate and I drove into the Joseph’s residence. The house was unusually quiet. The Sitting room was packed like a funeral was being held for a dear loved one. Dantata and his family were seated, his flighty sister was chewing gum as is her usual hobby, his Mother was decked in a flowing sequence…

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