*You are a nurse doing the daily check for a coma patient of nearly ten years.Suddenly she grabs your arm,fully alert and tells you to listen quick and she doesn’t have much time*

I was flabbergasted because nearly 10 years she was in coma,feared grabbed my heart.Life might been really bitter for her,she is speaking haltingly i couldn’t hear her voice clearly,then i move closer to her.She started talking how life was miserable to her with a tiny voice.
“She said;She once lived a happy life before all this thing happened to her”,she was filled of tears in her eyes while she is talking.
Hmm!She continued her story,”she said her father owned a big company,the largest company in the world but as i was the only child my parents had and one day i will be the successor of my Dad’s company”.My dad got sick he couldn’t even moved his body but my wicked uncle only wanted to inherit the company alone with his son”.She paused for some minutes and continued her life story,i just sat down while listening to her.
“You know as time goes on,i fortunately became the acting chairman of my Father’s company while my Dad is just sitting at home.My uncle heart was filled with black magic he is not happy at all he alone wanted to filled his stomach with my father’s properties”.
“Even he worked in the same company.He is the real devil with his son.One day he planned to assassinated me but unfortunately he failed.Since then life was so tough and rough for me because my uncle didn’t gave me peace at all,i reported to the police but they couldn’t find any evidence.One day as i was going home in my car,suddenly unknown truck hit my car hardly until the car turned and turned and turned”.
“And i just opened my eyes and i saw myself in the hospital,then i saw a white dress standing beside me and I find out it was you”.”She asked me how many days she is here?” “I replied almost ten years”.My eyes dropped tears too,i really pity this young lady life.The patient said something important to me because she have no time left.”She said;She has evidence that her uncle planned all this and she needed me to find the evidence in her house and hand it over to the police station”

“Hmm!Life is really bitter i said”
She kicked the bucket peacefully.
Written by Mahmud Sufiyan




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