Time passes by,days are like night, night like days for years there has been no difference. Everything seems so weird.
It all started 5 years ago.A young lady she was pulchritudinous.Joy she was fondly called.
It was dinner time one night out of all the mystery nights. Joy’s mum called her because she was in her bedroom, quickly she ran down the stairs to join them. Dad tried as much as possible to speak with her but he couldn’t because she was not happy at that moment….After dinner she decided to clear the dinner table and went up to her bedroom. Her mom got worried about what could have saddened her daughter. Her Dad was tired of her behaviour , he scold me and yelled, “you put your mom in so much worries” but she never listened to them.

It was morning, the morning after last night event,bright beautiful morning!And it was time for school.
“Mom”,called me joy.
I answered!
She said;”It is time for school”.
I woke up and had my bathe.
My Dad was also driving on the same route that leads to my school so he said, ‘i will drive you to school’. So My Dad dropped me off at school before going to his work…. In school, i began to sense strange things around me. Things i never felt nor saw before. It first started in the class while a class was on.”It seemed i passed away”,but i was alive because i could still feel my heart beat. I am in the other world, i screamed but with my hand over my mouth, world of the unknown!
Someone called out to me, joy! But i could not see anyone
‘I wondered what was going on, why i was i here?,
So i started walking, i did not know where to but i started walking around the street. Soon i saw people were talking but i did not know what they were saying. Latin or Greek i did not understand the word that came out as words from their mouth. Some peoples mouth were sealed they could not even talk just murmuring. My heart jumped inside my stomach. Fear gripped me like a child holding on to his mom’s clad.

I was so confused,no idea what was going on here.I could see what looked like a cloud fading away from side to side,West to north it continued till it faded out. I did not know where i was but I could see the sun, closer to earth than usual
I began to be worry. Worry left me curious, ‘where was i’? I kept walking till i reached a huge empire, it seems to be an ancient empire.
And old man appeared in front of the empire with an old staff.I noticed something on the old man,the old is blind but he could walk as normally as a person with perfect vision.
The old man said;Wench who are you?
“I was flabbergasted but i replied with a question; old man what i am doin’ here?”
Am i dead?
The old man laughed;Hahahaha?
Nay you are not,you are much alive just that you are in the second world.
I was discombobulated.Second world? I asked.
‘What the hell i am doing here’?Asking herself in her inner mind.
My legs started shaking it left me weak. The old man said do not be afraid you are save here and nothing will happened to you little wench.
My fears amazed me when they started to ease up i was getting better,my fears were loosing their hold on me after what the old man said.
He said;come, come let me show you around. This place is full of different people,different kinds of people..
I have seen a lot i told him.
I then asked old man i need to go back.he said anytime i wish
I began to smile feeling happy then suddenly a bright light appeared in front of me.I felt some strange things in me it was like i was been dragged into the canon of light. Later i woke up surprised to find my self in class and the class was till on.judging by the tutor still teaching, i looked at the time i saw it was just 12:00, 30 minutes has merely passed my class time and i think i have slept into another world is far ahead of time and years.
I went home after school told my parents the strange things that happened to me.
© Mahmud Sufiyan





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