t was the two guys again this time scarier and another guy followed with mask on. Suddenly the guy with the mask unveil the mask and behold it was Denice. I was shocked out of my body and my soul already fled me.
Hummm[sigh] smart woman! Denice said, you think you can remain safe forever?
No I think it is high time you know me, I tried to protect you but you have showed your face. I purposely left you to be because you captured my heart from the first day but right now I have let go because you’ve heard what you shouldn’t have heard and seen what you shouldn’t have seen, I’m a cultist he added.
I was shocked on hearing these , I cried innocently because there was no one to rescue me at that moment.
Now my initiation will be completed with you denice voiced out.
Guys hold her down ! he commanded
I was stripped naked and harassed , I was laid down with sorrowful heart while Denice was removing his trousers to come over me. His manhood stood erect and seeing this my throat choked and I cried, I plead him to let me go but he turned deaf ears. He came over me like an hungry lion and started devouring my lips with hatred, his dick forced its way into my vagina thus sending pains throughout my whole body for it was my first time, I tried to scream but my mouth was already blocked by his accomplice.
Each time he thrust harder I cried with hatred and cursed him with everything I know , he doesn’t seem to care about my pains all he was busy doing was forcing his penis down my alley. After satisfying his wants he stood up to leave, I wept and cursed his coming generation till the fourth bitterly. After he was done they threatened me not to tell anyone about them or I’ll be dead, all I did was crying helplessly …….

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