Episode 9
On waking up the next morning I saw a beautifully written note left beside me , thus it read;
“My dear friend,
By the time you are reading this letter I might be in another world. I couldn’t stand the shame of been raped by unknown men, before the news spreads out through the whole university I better find solution to my predicament, this has prompted me to seek death which I would have probably found by now”
Your sincere friend Sade.

On reading this my heart skipped a million times before I could realized what is going on, I saw Sade’s legs hanging lifeless above me, Oh Sade had hung up herself to a ceiling in the hospital. I was scared and shouted on top of my voice which woke up Bola, on sighting the hanging lifeless body of Sade she screamed which attracted the doctors and they came in to see the incident.
We were transferred to another ward and bola was giving sleeping doze to sleep of because she was affected by the shock, I remained strong but weak internally, my heart kept reviewing the events in the past days it was so horrible that I was becoming insane. I shouted and cried also which caught everybody attention, I’m crazy I was later dozed too.
I woke up after two days and I was surprised to meet Denice sitting by my side. I couldn’t utter a word because at that time I really needed someone to console me and stay by my side. Denice Was there beside me, he already brought food for us and beverages, I was asked to eat but I refused after a lot of persuasion from friends around and the nurse I agreed to eat a little.
Later in the day the police arrived to question about the incident and what probably may be the cause of Sade’s death. Bola was questioned and she told them what transpired between them and the guys, she gave them all the details they needed, she further said the guys were cultist and they said it’s part of their tradition when initiating new members that it was their task and we were also told that we were been watched that we should be careful, they threatned

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