Episode 9
The question seemed hilarious to me, how would she ask that but still she’s my friend
I replied ……… YES I’m, I blushed a little.
They were so surprised and couldn’t hide their faces, curiosity showed on their face how I was still a virgin. Though Sade was a virgin while bola was not despite Sade’s waywardness and indecent dressing.
After a week break from class, we decided to go to class, I’ve learnt my lessons not to walk alone from the previous experience so I got company on this day. On our way we came across Denice he quickly walk up to us and started bombarding me with apologies while my friends also joined him without knowing the stuff he’s made up off. After a long walk with us without a reply from me he decided to leave to come back another day.
The lecture ended late around 7.15pm so it was already dark that the crickets were spying on us, we decided to go straight home by taking the shortest route while we also gist. After a short walk, Bola noticed some weird unknown guys were trailing us wearing black , when I looked back it was the guys from my first experience, I was scared and quickly called my friends to attention who those guys are and how dangerous they can be .
We were running like loosed slaves and they were busy chasing us, it was an evil day for us they were much faster than us that they were catching up with us so fast. From nowhere another guy appeared in front of us putting on black dress with a mask on, trouble is pursing us while we were running from it. The two heavy guys were catching up with us so fast and the other guy in the front was also getting closer, we can’t move forward nor move back we were stuck in the middle of black devils and trapped in the depth of the street where there were no passersby , it was a dead end for us.
They were already closer to us, I said my last prayer silently and held my friends hand so tight that even thunder cant separate us.
Ah! Ah! Ah! You think you can run away from us? a voice said
The voice was so heavy that it sounded like a roaring lion.
Idiot! No one can outsmart us, another voice said
You’ve been our target since the first day you entered this school .
I was shocked on hearing that likewise my friends but there is one thing suspicious the guy on mask wasn’t talking. We were gripped and dragged towards an uncompleted building they were so scary and we kept fighting for freedom. Unfortunately my hand slipped from the guy holding me while I bit him, I took to my heels and ran as fast as I could without looking back or thinking about my friends. I was chased until I found a secure place to hide in a dumped vehicle, from afar I could hear the screaming of my friends which brought me back to my sense. I quickly ran as fast as I could to the nearby police station it was already late before I got to the police station, I explain our encounter to the police officers and they followed me to the scene before we got there the deed has been done. We met them breathing helplessly while Sade was in a pool of blood and crying heavily while Bola was left unconscious, Sade cry tormented me and I felt guilty for leaving them but what would I have done? They were carried to the hospital for treatment.
I couldn’t sleep the whole night because I was watching over Sade and Bola, they both looked helpless and I couldn’t get my eyes off them, my conscience was tormenting me for leaving them alone. Just while I was sobbing Sade opened her eye and I quietly moved closer to her, she started weeping again and I was comforting her.
Abosede! I’m ruined , she lamented
Pitifully I replied , you are not.
Those guys said they have been watching us since we have entered this school, they also said we are their prey that was targeted our dressings enticed them, they are cultist, she cried loudly.
i…………….. she stammered
I am deflowered by unknown guys, she wept
I couldn’t help but cry on hearing that, I wept bitterly and felt sorry for her till I dozed off.


Watch out for the next episode…

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