As time went on I tried not to involve my family in any of my encounter in school because I don’t want to be a reason for their sadness, I’m their hope.
Denice has proven himself to be a good friend and trustworthy which made me to believe him more ,he is always there for me and catering for me ‘NO STRINGS ATTACHED’.
Time flew so fast and I was already in 200level glory be to God, the fear of the lord now resides in me and Bola, We forgot the past and looked forward to the future. Sade was forgotten but still remembered, I lived with the guilt that I was the one responsible for her death.
During the past years I encountered no problem until after one year and six month that trouble was knocking and caught me unaware.
On this fateful day I was bored at home so I decided to visit denice for a company, on reaching his doorstep I heard voices that seemed familiar to me I paused a little to listen to the voice , oh yes! It was the two voices from a year ago, the heavy voice that sounded like a roaring lion .
I cant believe the sound only so I decided to move closer to have a look at the faces so I went to a nearby window and behold it was the same face wearing black dress just like from a year ago I was shocked to my bones . I saw Denice discussing with them “it is another year and another three scapegoats” then I heard one of the guys telling him that they still have an uncompleted mission and that was me…….

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Author: Judaisky

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