Episode 10
The police said a similar case of rape was reported a year ago but it was three girls that were involved but they are two[bola and Sade].They also said the culprits have not been apprehended. It was my turn to be questioned , I told them my part and my previous encounter but I didn’t mention the encounter with denice to them because I felt he’s still a friend I have to protect. The police said they will get to the root of the matter and they vowed to apprehend the culprits before they left.
We were discharged after two weeks in the hospital, before we got home the news had already spread like a virus and friends and foes were trooping in to sympathize with us over the death of Sade of blessed memory. Sade remains was sent to their hometown for proper burial and traditional rites which we were also part of. When we got to her house her parent were in grieve and we had to console them, I really pitied them because their condition was critical her mother wept and cursed the evildoers.
When we got back to school a candle light session was organized in her memory by our fellow students while the student union also sympathized with us. After a while I changed my mode of dressing back to my old self, no more party, indecent dressing Bola also turned a new leaf though she still feels the shame…

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