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There are some facts we know but dont want to admit them..

We do say money answers all questions but i stand here to say otherwise.

Without the existence of patience money will always and always loose its efficacy.

Patience is the propeller that toss and fling the works of money to be actualized and come to reality.

If you think this is a mere bogus fallacy, follow me on as i break them into parts for our consumption and understanding.
You used money to invest in a business. Thats undisputable unequivocal fact.
Do you then realized your expected profit that same hour?
You as a farmer, do you plant today and harvest tomorrow?
Civil servants, after your service for the day, you recieved your salary straight away?
And many more to say.
The answere to the aforementioned questions are NO.
You all undergo the process of patience, waiting for the result and upshot of your handiworks or investments.

The question now is.
How long can we wait for the desired and yearned answers and expectations of our hearts.

Patience is again, the long rope that connect faith and sucess.
What is fatih without patience?
‘Those that wait upon their Lord shall their strenght be renewed.’ Hope you know its what the bible said.
What can one really achieve without patience. The opposite of patience is impatience, agitation or querulousness.

Now tell me, what can one achieve with the opposite of patience?
In another word, patience is the footprint of success.
And achievement is the outcome of patience.
If you want sucess, you must practice patience even as a religion.
This is not really easy as said but i shall point out the areas one need to be patience and how to go about it.

Till then,


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