I could hear voices in my head and movements around me, I thought it was a dream until I opened my eyes and saw Sade and Bola seated beside me and the devil like angel standing behind me, I already sensed I was in the hospital.
Sweety, how are you feeling now? Bola asked, you slept for hours.
I struggled to reply her that I’m okay though I wasn’t. I ran out of words seeing denice standing and watching over me, I was scared till bones.
My eyes floated with tears but couldn’t show it to my friends. The doctor came in and examined me and also inquired what I was doing late at night in the area I was rescued by Denice, he told me to thank him. I couldn’t utter a word because the devil was mistook for an angel whereas the devil himself is standing right in front of me, he threatened me with his eyes not to utter anything, the doctor told them they should leave because I needed rest to pass through the trauma of the previous night.
While they were going Denice said he was sorry for the previous night. I couldn’t reply because I was feeling a huge hatred for him and I felt like suffocating him to death at that instance.
You know I was carried away by your dress and enchanted by your dazzling beauty, he said.
I couldn’t resist myself from coming closer he said again.
I was filled with rage and anger that I wanted to respond but I just had to be silent because I was filled with rage but I finally spoke.
Can you please leave? I demanded.
As you wish, he replied
I watched him leaving painfully, I saw a feeling in his eyes, lust and regrets but I was still suspicious about him. Suddenly my memory flashed back to the previous night, the two guys? Where did they come from? The question was left unanswered in me.
After two days in the hospital the doctor told us I was ready to be discharged, I was a little bit happy. My friends came back in the evening to take me home with denice’s car again, I refused strongly not to go in the car until they all agreed to take me in a cab.
On getting home I explained my ordeal to my friends and they felt sorry for me, I was pampered by my friends like a princess before Sade broke the silence
Are you still a virgin?

To be continued…


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