A tree doesn’t grow in a day,so also pride isn’t a day thing. it is something that must have started a long time either noticed or unnoticed.

truly every human is bound to be proud at every highest peak of achievement or success, but one should try to control the pride. or will you tell me that if you become the president or senator tomorrow will you still behave the same way you do behave before?
the answer is perfect No.

parents have a great work to do on their children, especially the rich ones they look down on the poor alot, it will be a great joy if only parents could make it known to their children that pride is not good. but how possible can a proud parent minister to her children that pride is not good. or we should even say the children learnt pride from them.

many parent do not know that they are the bible their children read. they knoweth not that their children watch them. let me give an example with this story.

there was a rich couple with a son which is 7 years old. the husband still have a father tho his father was very old, so the husband brought his father to his house to come and be living with him so that he will be able to take care of him.
this oldman began to eat with them on the dining table. this oldman whenever he is eating he will always pour water and food on the table, to this couple it was disgusting. they decide to get a seperate table for this oldman yet whenever this man is eating he still pour water on the table and at time break plates. the couple decide to get a wooden plate for this oldman so that he wont break plate further, they succeeded in getting the wooden plate for this oldman. but one day the husband went to his sons playing ground and saw him with hammer and wood with some nails. the man was surprised and confused cause he doesnt know what his son was doing, then he called his name and ask what he was doing. this little boy then says. ” I am making the wooden plate that you and mummy will use when you grow old like grandpa”

can u imagine? parent you need to know that your children are watching you.. if the parent are proud the children will definitely be proud. and pride iz not an option for future leaders.

Note:- “the proud never get to their destination ”
“God desist the proud and give grace to the humble”.
still me boluwatife joseph (jasef)



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