Hello my fans, here we are again.
At your reach I bring TALES FROM GENESIS from 1 to 10 at your reach.
Each episode connotes different themes and patterns so do read and drop your comments.



In the beginning,
God said let there be.
From let there be, all was.
No struggle or brawl,
all from His authoritative mouth.
Power that controls powers,
all to His submission.
So doth sovereignty earned.
No stress like politics.
All in obeisance and swinging low.
The trump of virtue and girdle.
The rumble and echo heard afar.
All bow to peep if all is well.
Who dare cough to infringe.
From far will his judgement be.
In the beginning,
all made are glowing and beautiful.
Decorated in His garden and love.
Purified and quaff up humility.
As all take up their course.
Behold! It tells the beauty of Zion.
Can i boost of my country so?
When last hath freedom fiat?
I await you for response.
In the beginning,
the body is family.
All with assigned onus obligation.
All made easy as A B C.
Angel of kill at his will,
Angel of tidings on the run.
The guards in safety zone,
keeping the banner of the land.
Now i fear my people.
Cat barks, dog meows.
Farmers expecting pen salaries.
Business men in politics,
politicians in business.
Not all, now tears dropped.
Scholars in primary schools,
shouting WHAT IS A NOUN all day.
No regret for the tattered land.
All in wedge and sliced.
Here we practise to retrench.
As the dance has taken another view.
My pain!
We never bothered to review.
Or remember the ancient landmark.
Where peace and harmony dwell.
Where all is bright and beautiful.
So i did tell the tale of genesis.
Wistfully hoping we learn.
From the tales of genesis.


There was a faint Lion in jungle
I caressed its tale to go rumble,
Its screamed loud it is well.
What went wrong? Ring a bell.
A really Thought i would be guzzle.

The running water has a fault bear
To tipple again, we need a well.
Who will dig? Call tortoise?
To suffer the mild moist.
Hardworking Frog can try, who may tell.
The works of spicy complacency,
lie in my pillow, no urgency.
Who touched my tale for work?
For i see a still clock.
My stance doth overgrown fallacy.
All i do care is to love my bed,
Hung till everything is all ended.
Let me eat with two hands,
With royal gut i command
life is sweet in gleaming royal threads.
To hunt for the long sustaining food,
to relax and command i will do.
I am not jus lazy.
Though to fetch for life i feel dizzy.
I Just dislike work, unlike my food.

Who owns the future if not the lord God?
I am secured, i swear to lord God.
What would wanton work worth?
‘All is set’ said His word
So i rely in the word of God.
I have a brighter and great future.
My bed and arms fold vastly feature.
Success is mine you know
on my bed and arms fold
alone derelict my adventure.


In the world of genesis.
I will take time to run the exegesis.
The success of Job, David, Moses
and others with wealthy bliss.
Lived a life of a tree. You believe?
deep rooted, and praise like its leaf.
The tale of David,
A replica of a tender tree.
Swinging in praise.
Even in boisterous wind blaze,
hands are in the air.
Rejoicing when joy is rare.
The dance of the leaves.
Laughing out pains and grief.
Its noises sing it is well.
To placate the heart, then dwell.
Make me the leaves of this tree.
Where songs of Solomon is real.
The sturdy and burly root.
Did she ate and lived, I mean Ruth.
Embedded, entrenched and engrained
like Abby’s that has no end.
How worthy is the wind
to uproot her and farewell bid?
Her root spread far and wide.
Like a free flying bold mind.
Sprawled and rolled everywhere.
Faith she sow and wear.
Strong like mount Zion,
bold like a roaring lion.

The world of tree i long to live.
A comfort life to fill.
With a heart of praise.
With a strong standard base.
I shalt swim the storm.
I shall represent where i come from.


A boiling blood in scorching sun.
A strife in the bush, no gun.
A note of prudence when i am done.
You know? In Egypt i am born.
Suffering the threat of fun.
Like ant i rally, to dodge downpour.
Little by little in the land of pun.
My barn is made fat and plump.
Like devoted scavengers,
Fighting power rangers,
I have set out, no more linger.
The prize of pelf in my agender,
so i pray for null to me encumber.
When i face arising matters.
Reinforced and set for service,
the tact of fame i practice.
Lest my prudence is turned foolish.
Help my mission to accomplish
lift my service and polish.
hunt any hussy MISS to impoverish
to sway and fade to abyss
then i reap the labour of my strive .


The simplicity of life,
from my bed i bethink and laugh.
For Jack and Jones went up the hill
Together they do their deal.
In times of little and petite,
they share and even pay tithe.
Life at its best.
With its simplicity at its best.
Hearts of man empty and free
Help from all applies free.
No lion, soldier and or fox
to the will and gain of man force.
Peck me i kiss you.
Wash my plate i sweep your room.
Escort me to farm,
Tomorrow i lend you my arm.
From both ends we survive.
Or without friends you survive?
The simplicity of life, come see.
We live in peace, unlike Pharisee.
Twinkle twinkle little stars,
we together wonder how they are.
Jointly we truncate morose.
With ring-a-ring-o-rose.
With a heart full song,
we sing and play with gong.
Who can separate a unit tie affiliation?
The world is too simple for commotion.
I pity my brothers abroad.
Who live like JET LI and JAMES BOND
striving to be in front.
With all fame and glory bought.
Suffering the thought all along.
And you know? They get ’em wrong
who gets the shame?
Who wilt later be blamed?
The hem of authority.
Has trail them to iniquity.
You see how blood is spilled?
Precious bodies like a casava, pilled.
Taking simplicity of life complex.
For the caring heart of Joseph in cell
compiling troubles.
When gain they want double.
Eating once with two hands
Oh i recall father Abraham and Dan.
Who for the sake of humanity.
Abide with life and its simplicity.


I mused why i am not well.
In my troglodytic bed my head swell
Alone, left with your image to dwell
your smile caught me like a spell
for this, i all expelled,
your beauty alone propelled
my heart in you to dwell.
Help me out of this spell,
for you, i will all my worth sell.
Just at thy feet and heart to dwell.
Your touch like spiritual concoction
your heart i seek like an admission.
My heart is filled with perspiration
For you i hunt, no relaxation.
I have lived all in hallucination
wondering in great stupefaction.
Alone in Odyssey peregrination.
Or are they mere allusion?
For your thought engulf my action.
Your love i crave, no hesitation.
Come thrill my heart, take action.
Mental love in acidic reaction.
Softly i shall wait your inauguration
Your grace, charm and beauty.
Caused me request for indemnity Protection, warranty and security.
Any hollow in thy territory?
Please invite me to your capital city
no one like you my baby.
Who can soothe my feelings.
Who can undo your doings.
Your smile knows no piracy.
Your tender heart with simplicity.
For your sake i become John Legend
“my head under water and then
i breathe fine but until then.
I have long for you no end.
Seeking you all corner and bend.
For this my lonely bed.
I feel your absence peck.
But though, i shall pretend.
My Emerald,
can you hear my heart shed
tears just for you to me herald.
Your beauty like an angel
no wonder there is a missing Angel
in heaven. You are the Angel.
Baby, what can i do without you.
If i sleep, its you.
If i cry, its you.
come to me like OBIANUJU
Then i will see you like OLUCHUKWU
My possession like OKECHUKWU.
You know my love for you
has grown wider than my room.
For your sake i shall trek the moon.
For the love i found in you.
Is a love spent over the moon.

“This poem is solely and exclusively dedicated to HEADGIRL.
NO form of piracy or plagiarism is allowed without the consent of JUDAISKY 09039956005
So i flashed back with fueled tears.
Reflect! my cry so lucid and clear.
My memories filled with hot tears.
Mouth so heavy for words to bear.
My eyes wide for anger to dare.
Only lingering in the free and fair
world where i fed and stared.
Vintage days.
Where everything pays.
Eat and merry with gain.
Spending like no other day.
Beggars, full pocket they pray.
Going home with enough everyday
everything blossom everyday break
Living in corruption with happy day.
With all looking cheery and gay
Oh! Vintage days.
Can i reset you to come again?

Vintage life.
Then, could afford many wives.
Touch the horns of life.
And cut MAHOGANY tree with a knife
Who dares sip strife.
We were far from the nose of strife.
Life at its best, we always laugh.
Everyday, husband and wife.
Sketching plans for better life.
And for those behind afterlife.
A free world to recall and laugh.
Can you emerge again? Vintage life.
Who wilt refresh me to those times
where high our kite flies.
Eating with two hands.
Eating even chicken and fried rice.
Recession? We have not its time.
Its buried. Thence it dies.
The farm very fat and shine
Shop doing better fine.
What better life better that time.
When teeth glitters and shine
well, such is time.
World cannot compare other
vintage life like no other.
This time, we face one another.
With bloody combat, killing one another.
Unlike vintage days i remember.
Old days! Vintage days of no massacre.
Reversed it the case here. With anger.
I profess my loyal anger.
Boys are not smiling i decipher.
Can we sail back to days of former.
Where even with nothing we glitter.
what shall i call you to bear,
of what manner wilt i try to dare.
Tell me how all crossed there.
Scientific concoction turned to beer.
Of what value retain if time no to bear
Tell me change visits the air.
For the air in my care,
goes and comes like no one cares.
Tell me if you care.
The colour of human.
Both in men and women.
Tell me its origin with thy acumen
Is it at thy domain?
Or inside the sole heart of men?
What phase blessed thy realm.
Metamorphosis from hem to hem
tell me, i shall pen.
Nothing surreptitiously turn to something.
Who doth bless a lazy thing.
God glares at faineancy.
How come lazy grasses caress divinity.
Tell me reason of the creativity.
Rib off track, hails nonentity.
For this course, lift my curiosity.
Nature in desert, of what faculty
keeps them healthy and wealthy.
Tell me, help my oddity.
Help my inquisition.
Bless my exertion.
Answer my call with no hesitation.
How doth all result to completion
with raw fallowed resumption?
Change! Answer all, no exception.
When my request yields solution,
Then i shall call relaxation.
My message to the smoke.
From here, my world is broke.
Take my message up the sky.
Relay all i have to cry
to the Lords of the earth
of how justice i thirst.
Fly! Begone my message.
Report those that do grip mirage
From where evil is betide.
From dawn seeing eventide.
with eyes like an Eagle.
Seeing our treasures from all angle.
Not only seeing, they pluck
quacking silently like a duck.
With Giraffe and ostrich neck,
looking for ones happiness to peck.
With Biro, stealing and looting,
even unborn babies earning living.
My pain, no power questions them.
They praise and condemn
As it pleases their will.
Whether in accordance to God’s will
They fear no more no one.
Kindly forming lord over everyone.
If my message gets to you.
Then show me their pot of doom.
For Nigeria is under their spell.
So need be we tyranny expelled.
Send me reply through vision,
to embark through my mission.
You see what i see go blind?
Their want, out of phase of mankind.
Reaping from our little garden,
and thence dole out CABIN.
As either swap or compensation.
To our treasure in their possession.
All i ask for is MERLIN’s power.
To plan and shoot like JACK BAUER
A faster race like THE FLASH.
To their egocentric head flash.
A better judge than Nigerian barristers.
To away judge ominous shysters.
You see the power you give them.
To protect the flock you gave them.
But now like a slave in Egypt.
We are made to suffer our gaiety
From a press and threat.
To better the future if they will let
Power of Pentecostal power.
Fire of mountain of fire.
Send down to bisect their rally.
Or take them off authority.
I even want the rowdy thunder,
to strike them like Sodom and Gomorrah.
Shall we but spare?
No! Fight them with thy spare.
Crush them till all gone,
Till they repent or run.
Answer my call,
for its the voice of ALL.

Free verse*
Murder in the church
not with guns and cutlass
But blood ooze round the air.
Pious and devout workers
yet more vicious than nightwalker.
The holy bible! Oh the holy bible.
Corrupt is you when in their hands.
Scheming you to suit their
perverse ways and aspirations.
Thus, the just is spotted
obliviously or ignorantly.
Killing them with a word or two.
As innocents, chaste and demure they are.
Thus, there is murder in the church.
Murder in the church.
Alone will dwell at the alter.
The watchword and mantra.
Buried in their vile heart.
What liveth in man if not heart?
This very heart of man,
Already gone out of man.
Or does God dwell in erring heart?
What liveth of a man to gamble,
when his soul is dead?
And so, murder in the church.
Murder in the church.
The hit of mellifluous sounds.
The songs and praises of the church
from the sector placed to rite.
Singing Hosanna in the highest.
But go through, surf those lips.
From which God is praised.
Are they not filled with excretion?
Same lips sings for devil.
And wave to his glory.
After, shout Jesus is lord.
Are those lips of a living lips?
For profane is the name of the Lord
again i say, murder in the church.
Murder in the church.
Where transaction is exchanged.
Business at the back seat.
Where the flippant gather.
Tell me the song in their mind.
From home to church to trade.
Where will the word of God fly to?
From an occupied heart and mind?
So is their mind far from the truth.
Dead in the spirit but living well
and so, murder in the church.
Murder in the church.
All have left the true path.
Leaders going east,
followers heading west.
What is the motive to keep?
Is it dead or still alive.
The truth, its gone for business.
And so, there is murder in the church.



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