*PART 1*
there are one thousand and one life damagers which pride is part of the high rank officials.
truly we know you have money, it is really obvious in your look infact, the way you smell contributed to my observation. but why will you go further telling me your high heel shoes are world class best of London, bought in Tazania.
when you see the proud make it known to him his days on Earth are limited because, biblically James 4:6 says “God desist the proud and give grace to the humble”, also the Holy Quran (7.146) says “I shall turn away from my revelations of those who shows pride in the world wrongfully”
How funny it is to me whenever I remember a story of a girl in my school. in my school days JSS 3 precisely. there was this pretty looking girl, her dressing was first class, to her she was the prettiest in the school, God helping her she was also brilliant, so her pride now got additional wings. she walks gallantly up and down the school premises, luckily for her she got the favour of teachers and was made a school perfect. Her pride then knew no bound. and this girl was a girl we knew to come from a *Humble family (poor family),* how possible and where does she gat the money for all those big things we see on her. our JSSCE examination then was coming closer, when God finaly naked her secret, *she was put in a family way (pregnant).* through this it was revealed that a guy in a place gives her the money. a JSS 3 student. the stigma of her pregnancy made her leave the school, she couldn’t partake in the JSSCE

many just wanna be unnecessarily called big girls and big boys so they dont mind what it will cost them. the end thereof of pride is destruction, shame and many more. you wanna oppress your mates, you wanna prove to them you aren’t in the same category. many torment their fellow becos they are not upto them. masters show mercy on your staffs, do not be proud…

*to be continued…*
written by joseph (jasef).

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