there are phenominals about women, young or aged. they posses internal qualities which is known and recognized by few ladies.

I wasn’t surprised when I heard this quote “what a man can do a woman can do ” . but only women who recognize their position and aspire to do what a man can do.
do you know the youngest pilot is a woman infact her name is Kate Mcwilliams (age- 26 years old) she recognized her position she never give up. she was never distracted from her goal and she attained it.

back to my days in secondary school (isanbi comprehensive high school precisely). when I was in jss 2 (blue) in this class on the top list are guys, but there is this particular girl who recognize that she wasn’t created to be behind. she strive really hard to make her dream come true and it did. tho she might not be the first in the class but she tried never to exceed 2nd and 3rd position. other girls in the class believed they should be helped before they succeed, they do not believe in themselves.

how many girls recognize that they weren’t created to be behind. many girls outta there took failure as norms, they will always admit that it isn’t their position thinking some set of people are designed to be there not them. kudos to those girls outta there who are on the top list in their class. ladies are said to be easy life creature, after trying something if they fail most will possibly give in.

the first to have highest G.p in nigeria was a boy in the university of lagos. right now two girls who knew they ain’t created to be behind graduated with the same highest G.p this shows some girls know they ain’t created to be behind. please dear reader ignite ur optimism. believe u can do it.
“flying high to a tall mountain isn’t only task od eagles”
“if u think u can do it, yes you can, and if u think u cant you are very right cause whatsoever a man thinketh in his heart so is it
“the sky is large but birds up there haven’t fill it up,u still have your space there my dear

remember “he who never failed somewhere can never be great”

girls ain’t created to be behind
still urz


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