TITLE: Accidental Victim EPISODE: 40 ( Final Episode)
Funmi screamed as she heard the sound of the gun and
watched as the guard slumped on the floor beside her. She
ran and threw herself into Damien’s arms. Damien threw his
arms around her, holding her tightly as emotions washed
through him.
“Thank you”, she whispered into his ears as tears dripped
down her eyes.
Damien looked over Funmi’s shoulder and saw the guard he
shot lying on the ground, with blood dripping from his
forehead. Then he remembered Mustapha.
“Dude! We did it!”, he said as he broke the embrace with
Funmi and turned towards Mustapha who was standing
beside him. But Mustapha was not standing beside him.
“Shiit!”, Damien screamed as he ran towards Mustapha who
was lying on the floor in a pool of his blood.
“Dude!!”, he screamed as he crouched and raised
Mustapha’s head and shook him, but he wasn’t responding.
He tore of his camouflage fatigue shirt and exposed his bare
chest which was without a bulletproof vest. Then he saw it.
The bullet the guard had shot was lodged directly on
Mustapha’s chest.
Mustapha was dead. Damien held on to Mustapha head and
sobbed. Funmi held him and cried too, trying to console
him. But he couldn’t be consoled. He felt Mustapha didn’t
deserve to die the way he did, not after all they’ve been
through together.After what seem like several minutes, Damien got up and
carried Mustapha outside. As they got out he heard the
sound of helicopters whining in the distance and he saw
several armored tanks driving through the camp.
Two soldiers ran towards them with a stretcher and he
placed Mustapha on it, after which they took him away.Funmi was stunned as she saw Col. Coker walking towards
them in company of two soldiers. She ran towards them and
threw herself at him, sobbing profusely.
Col. Coker was relieved as he saw her. He hugged her
tightly for several seconds and he reminisced on all that had
happened the last few days.
The primary mission was finally accomplished, but not
without casualties. Col. Coker broke away from Funmi’s
embrace and walked towards Damien who stood a distance
away from them thinking about his dead friend.
He stretched his hand towards Damien and they shook
hands firmly.
“I’m sorry about your friend”, Col. Coker said to Damien.
Damien nodded. “You would both be taken back to Base
while we finish here, Col. Coker continued saying as he held
on to Damien’s hand.
“There you would be debriefed and taken care of till I return.
We have been able to retrieve some files from Al-Zawari’s
office and we’ve found out where their points of attack
would be. Agents are on their way to pick them up as we
speak. Thank you very much for your service to the nation.
And thank you for the role you played in rescuing my niece.”
Damien nodded as another soldier walked towards Col.
Coker and whispered into his ears.
“I’ve just been informed that all those in the vans that left
here have been arrested”, Col. Coker said to Damien.
“And Al-Zawari?”, Damien asked.
“Nothing yet, but they are still looking”, Col. Coker replied.
“Lead them both to the chopper and take them to the Base
immediately”, Col. Coker said to the soldier standing beside
him. “Yes sir”, the soldier replied.
“I’ll see you soon”, Col. Coker said to Damien as he walked
Inside the chopper, the pilot instructed Damien and Funmi to
fasten their seat belts as the propellers began whirring. They
fastened their belts and Funmi placed her head on Damien’s
shoulder and he placed his arms around her waist.
The propellers increased it’s velocity and the chopper lifted
off from the ground, gradually increasing it’s altitude as it
Damien looked out the window and saw the entire forest in
full view as soldiers milled around gathering evidence and
securing the area. He remembered the first day they were
brought into the forest and all the things he had to do for
them to survive.Then he remembered Mustapha. He remembered all the
times he saved him and all he did for him. Then he felt his
pocket. He remembered what Mustapha gave him earlier
that day. He brought it out and unwrapped it. It was a
golden star. He wondered what it meant, but he felt it didn’t
matter. Mustapha wanted his father to have and that was
what he was going to do. He determined right there to find
Mustapha’s father and give him what his son wanted him to
have. He wondered how he was going to find his father, but
decided to worry about that when it was all over.
“Damien”, he heard a soft voice call him, snapping him out
of his thoughts.
“Ya”, he said, looking at Funmi as she placed her hand on
his cheek.
“I owe you my life”, she said softly to him.
“No you don’t”, he said slightly shaking his head.
She ignored his response, moving closer to his face and
gave him a kiss on his lips. So many nerve endings were
immediately activated on Damien’s skin and goose pimples
appeared visibly. He responded by taking her into his arms
and kissing her passionately.
“You guys should get a room”, they heard the pilot say over
the speakers and he laughed heartily. They broke their kiss
and laughed. Funmi later placed her head on Damien’s
chest and he placed his arms around her throughout the ride
back to base…


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