TITLE: Accidental Victim EPISODE: 39
Standing before them were groups of women and young
girls in their numbers, some of them with babies on their
backs while others held little kids in their hands. They all
just stood staring at the soldiers. The soldiers were
“Sir! You may want to see this”, one of the soldiers called
Col. Coker and the others came out from behind the wall
and walked into the camp. If he was surprised at the scene
before him, he didn’t show it.
“Damien! Mustapha! Quick, go and get Funmilayo! Andrew!
Call it in! Get backup here immediately! Secure the
hostages! Be careful, we might still have some hostiles
around!”, Col. Coker barked commands at his men.
The men peeled away immediately, carrying out the tasks
they were assigned.
Damien and Mustapha walked towards the cell where Funmi
was kept, taking precautionary measures as they went. They
didn’t encounter any hostiles as they got there but the cell
was empty. Funmi was not there.
“Fvck!!”, Damien shrieked. “They must have gone with her!”,
he screamed.
“Calm down”, Mustapha said, “we can’t be sure about that.
Maybe she was moved.”
“To where! And why would they move her! I’ll personally kill
that son of a biitch!”, Damien shouted.
“Dude! Relax”, Mustapha said, “don’t jump into conclusions.
Let’s go.”They walked back to where Col. Coker and the others stood.
Damien looked so distraught and his countenance was like
that of one who lost someone. Col. Coker noticed their
expressions when he saw them and he feared that the worst
may have happened to Funmi.
“Where is she? Where is Funmi?”, he asked them. Damien
stood before him without saying anything. Mustapha walked
to where he stood and whispered in his ears that they didn’t
find her where she was supposed to be.
“They can’t have taken her out”, Col. Coker said, “She
should be around here somewhere. Ask these women if
they’ve seen her around.”
Mustapha turned around and began asking the women if
they’ve seen anyone like Funmi. The women didn’t
understand English, so he had to ask them in Hausa. One of
the women he asked was dumb. She couldn’t speak, and
she was partially deaf. He had to practically scream into her
ears before she could hear what he asked. She nodded and
pointed into the distance towards the living quarters of the
“It appears she was later moved into their quarters”,
Mustapha said to Col. Coker. Damien’s face brightened as
he heard it. There was hope. He didn’t wait to be asked ashe immediately began walking quickly towards the living
quarters of the terrorists.
“Dude! Wait up!”, Mustapha called out to him. Damien didn’t
wait, so he ran up to meet him.
“You have to be careful, we are still in a hotzone”, Mustapha
said to Damien as he caught up with him. “There might still
be some of them lurking around.”
“Then I’ll kill every last one of them!”, Damien shot back.
“Just calm down”, Mustapha replied. But Damien wouldn’t
listen. “Funmi! Funmi!!”, he called out as they approached
the living quarters.
Some hours earlier, Al-Zawari had been speaking with
Funmi concerning what led to the formation of the Taliban
sect. One of his lieutenants had interrupted the discussion,
and he promised to continue the discussion with Funmi.
When he left the room, he placed two sentries outside the
room instructing them not to allow her leave the room on
no account.Funmi had waited in the room for several minutes, hoping
Al-Zawari would come back. She wondered what would
become of her, but she was grateful that she was still alive
and she was no more hungry. She thought about the
reasons Al-Zawari gave for the formation of the sect and felt
it was ridiculous, to say the least.
She had heard the lieutenant say to Al-Zawari, ‘They are
ready’, and saw Al-Zawari’s countenance change, with him
discontinuing the discussion immediately. She wonderedwhat the lieutenant meant when he said, ‘they are ready’.
She thought it was just a normal meeting with his other
lieutenants, but when she heard the entire camp thrown into
a frenzy, with the voices of men moving around, she
thought otherwise. Her suspicions were confirmed when she
tried leaving the room but found two guards outside the
door. She tried passing by them, but they instructed her to
go back on Al-Zawari’s orders.
Funmi went back into the room and lay down back on the
bed, with her thoughts running wildly, thinking about all that
had happened with hopes that she would eventually get
back home. With those thoughts, she gradually drifted into
She didn’t know how long she had slept, but a sound that
she was gradually getting accustomed to woke her up. As
she woke up, she sat up on the bed as she listened to the
sound of gunshots banging off in the distance. She shivered,
with no idea what was happening. She quietly got down
from the bed and curled herself behind the bed she earlier
laid down.
The sound of the gunshots was not abating, as it went on for
several minutes. She then heard the voices of the guards
standing outside her door. They were arguing among
themselves in a language she didn’t understand. After a few
minutes, she heard the footsteps of one of them leave.
She tried covering her ears with her palms to prevent the
sound of the gunshots coming through but it was to no
avail. The sound got louder and louder, then silence. It
stopped all of a sudden. ‘What may have happened? Who
may have attacked? What was the outcome?’, she
Her legs were so numb out of fright as she tried getting up,
so she resigned to cowering beneath the bed. She tried
listening for sounds outside, but she heard nothing.
After what seemed to her like several minutes, she heard a
faint voice from a distance calling her name. ‘Could I bedreaming?’, she wondered. When she heard the voice a
second and third time, she knew it wasn’t a mirage. It was
real. The voice was real! They had come for her! Someone
had finally come for her!
“I’m here! I’m here…”, she tried saying, but she realized her
voice was gruffly. She cleared her voice and tried shouting,
“I’m here!! I’m here!!!”. But she realized the person calling
her name didn’t hear her.
She mustered up courage and stood up, gently massaging
her knees to allow the free flow of blood. She still continued
hearing her voice, then she heard the sound of the door
open and the guard walking in, with his gun pointed at
her….”Funmi!! Funmi!!”, she heard the voice call her name again.
This time she heard the voice clearly. ‘Damien? The voice
sounds like his. Could it be him?’, she wondered.
The guard had come behind where she stood, placing his
gun directly on her head. She couldn’t utter a sound. She
just prayed he didn’t pull the trigger as she stood there
“Funmi!! Funmi!!”, she heard the voice call again, getting
closer to the room where she was. Then she saw him.
“Funmi!”. Damien gasped as he saw her. “Damien”, Funmi
mouthed. She looked at him from head to toe with love and
admiration. He was looking so different from the young man
she met several days ago. He was looking so rugged and
his muscles were bulging out of the camouflage fatigues he
wore. She saw relieve on his face as he saw her. ‘So he
came back for me?’, she wondered.
Damien walked into the room pointing his gun directly at the
guard.”Stop there!”, the guard screamed at him. “Stop there or I’ll
shoot her!”, the guard screamed again, pressing the nozzle
of his gun harder into Funmi’s head. Damien stopped in his
tracks, while still pointing his gun at the guard.
“Drop your gun!”, the guard screamed again.
Damien was silent, but still pointed his gun at the guard,
with his eyes trained on his forehead. Numbers were
running through his head. Velocity of his bullet, accuracy of
the guard holding Funmi and the likes. The numbers were
not in his favor.
Mustapha then walked in. The guard was shocked, or was it
confusion? Damien was less concerned about his mood at
that moment. He was more concerned about getting them
all out of the situation alive, except of course the guard.
Both Damien and Mustapha pointed their guns to the guard,
then Mustapha spoke up. “It doesn’t have to end like this”,
he said to the guard. “Let the girl go, then we can work
something out.”The guard was slightly distracted, listening to Mustapha and
thinking of how he could negotiate himself out of that
Damien took advantage. He slightly nodded at Funmi, and
she mouthed ‘OK’, indicating that she understood.
“You are deceiving me!”, the guard angrily screamed at
Mustapha as he drew Funmi closer to himself and pressed
his gun harder into her head.
“I’ll shoot!”, he shouted again as he ducked behind Funmi.
‘This is it. It’s now or never!’, Funmi thought as adrenaline
pumped through her system. She mustered up as much
strength as she could, and in one swift motion, she jabbed
the guard hard in his abdomen with one hand and grabbed
the hand holding the gun pressed to her head, moving it
away from her head.
The guard was shocked and in pains as he felt the jab on his
abdomen. But he quickly recovered and he tried shooting,
but Funmi was displaying unbelievable strength, struggling
with him as the gun waved towards different directions.
Damien and Mustapha both wanted to take a shot at the
guard, but it was not possible without putting Funmi at risk.
Then the opening they all sort for came. Damien had a clear
shot. In that split second, two gunshots were heard. Damien
pulled the trigger of his gun. The guard pulled the trigger of
his gun too… Then blood…
Watch out for final episode

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