TITLE: Accidental Victim EPISODE: 38
Guns!!!”, Damien screamed as he sighted one of the
terrorists taking an aim at him and screaming.
They had earlier waited for the vans to leave and when they
left, they began carefully finding their way to the camp while
trying to keep away from the direct line of sight of the
terrorists at the entrance of the camp.
After tactically eluding the sentries for several minutes, they
got very close to the entrance. But their luck ran out as one
of the terrorists spotted them.
Damien was the first to notice as the terrorist caught sight
of them and screamed, raising his rifle and taking an aim at
him. Before he could complete the process, Damien
screamed, alerting the others and squeezing the trigger to
the rifle in his already outstretched arms. In a split second,
one of the bullets he fired found it’s mark in the chest of the
terrorist and he slumped before he could pull his own
Things happened swiftly from then on. The sound from
Damien’s gun and the scream from the dead terrorist alerted
the others around him. The other terrorists began shooting
sporadically, but the men had already taken cover behind
“Conserve your ammunitions! Make your shots count!”, Col.
Coker screamed at his men as he gave them commands and
hand signals.
The sound of gunshots and bullets hitting the barks of trees
and whizzing past rented in the air. Col. Coker and his men
had not fired any shot. They still ducked behind the trees.
But suddenly, the sound gradually receded and Col. Coker
took a peep. There he saw his first mark, and he shot. The
others took a cue from that and began taking well timed and
precise shots. The bullets found real targets as they struck.
The terrorists who had not fallen resumed their sporadic
shooting once more, not minding where the bullets went.
Col. Coker gave a signal and two of the soldiers broke away
from where the group ducked, circumventing the approach
of the terrorists from each side of the divide. They began
gradually cutting down their ranks from left and the right
simultaneously. The terrorists noticing that their flanks had
been compromised and thinking that the firefight was
coming from the sides concentrated their shots on their
wings. This gave Col. Coker and the others the opportunity
to take full charge on them.
“Attack!”, Col. Coker commanded and the remaining soldiers
together with Damien and Mustapha came out, each finding
a target and bringing them down.
Confusion broke out among the terrorists as they were being
attacked on all fronts. They fell in their numbers and those
who couldn’t stand the fight fled into the forest.
After several minutes, none of the terrorists were shooting
anymore. Those who were present at the entrance of the
camp were only those who had fallen, some of them on the
ground with intestines dropping out their stomachs.
Col. Coker and his men advanced towards the entrance of
the camp, taking precautions to avoid any sudden attack
from within the camp.As they got to the entrance of the camp, each of them took
positions behind the walls preparing for an incursion. Col.
Coker gave them hand signals indicating how they were to
proceed, and they nodded in understanding.
Col. Coker took a peep through the walls, but he didn’t find
anything. He signaled two of his men to move in. They did,
but as they moved into the camp, what they saw shocked
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