TITLE: Accidental Victim EPISODE: 37
Mustapha and Damien led the pile with Col. Coker and the
other soldiers trailing behind them.
“If I don’t survive this”, Mustapha began saying, “Dude just
stop it!”, Damien cut in, “we’ve gone through a lot, and we
are still alive. We are definitely going to survive this.”
“But if I don’t”, Mustapha said again, “please find my father”,
and he passed something into Damien’s hands. Damien
glanced briefly at it and shove it into his pocket as they
walked along.
Suddenly Mustapha stopped and held up his hand in a fist.
Damien followed suit, as well as the other soldiers.
“What is it?”, Col. Coker whispered.
“I heard something”, Mustapha said, “it might be nothing.”
“Nothing is nothing here. Are you sure you heard
something?”, Col. Coker asked.
“I’m not”, Mustapha said, relaxing his hand and they
continued walking.
“How far away are we?”, Col. Coker asked.
“Take cover!!”, Damien called out as he sighted some men
in the distance and the grouped quickly ducked behind trees.
Damien peeped at the men and he analyzed the situation.
There were three menacing looking men with rifles at the
ready, but they didn’t notice them else they would have fired
at them. Damien tried looking into the distance if there was
any other person lurking behind them, but he couldn’t find
“What’s the plan, genius?”, Mustapha who ducked behind
him asked.
“I’m working on it”, Damien replied. Then he asked
Mustapha, “Would these guys recognize you? Would they
know you’ve deserted them?”
“How the hell am I supposed to know that?”, Mustapha shot
back, “I hope you are not planning on doing what I’m
“That’s the only viable option right now”, Damien replied,
“since we can’t risk a fire fight and we don’t know if they are
alone or they have backup close by. We would just have to
get close to them, and then we can take them on.”
“Hmm, that could work”, Mustapha said.
Damien signaled to Col. Coker and communicated their
plans. He nodded, giving them a go-ahead.
“Are you ready?”, Damien said to Mustapha as he dropped
his rifle and his kit and brought out a small pistol. He hid his
gun behind him as he crossed both arms above his head.
Without warning, Mustapha shove him forward, with the
nozzle of his gun against Damien’s back and they both
walked towards the men.Hold it there!”, one of the men screamed at them.
“I have a prisoner here!”, Mustapha screamed back at them.
The men looked at each other and communicated in
whispers as Damien and Mustapha walked slowly towards
them. Immediately they got within range, Damien rung out
his gun from behind him and took the first shot at the one
who he felt was the leader. A double tap direct to the man’s
forehead. Very precise. As if on cue, Mustapha took an aim
and fired at another. Seconds later, the three men were
Damien signaled for the others to come out and they did,
watching the horizon for other terrorists who may have
heard the shots and come for backup. No one came.
“Good job guys, that was terrific”, Col. Coker said to Damien
and Mustapha as the other soldiers took defensive positions
in the area.
“Would you be able to locate the main camp from here?”,
Col. Coker later asked, this time directing his question to
“Yes sir”, Mustapha replied as he looked around observing
the scenery, “I remember this place now. The main camp
should be roughly four clicks from here. We should be there
in no time.”
“That’s good to know”, Col. Coker said.
“But I should add”, Mustapha continued, “that we have to be
on the lookout till we get there. Some sentries hide in trees,
and they would be practically invincible to us. And the camp
would be crawling with terrorists in their numbers now that
they would most likely know we are here. We have to be
very careful.”
“Ain’t we all…” Damien chided.
Col. Coker nodded. “We have to be careful”, he said.
The sun was gradually setting when they sighted the camp
in the distance. Mustapha was the first to see it. He gave
the signal and they all halted and took positions, but what
they saw shocked them.
Three vans were already loaded and ready to leave. They
saw many terrorists milling around with their rifles ready to
shoot.”What could be happening?”, Mustapha wondered. He
brought out his scope and tried scanning the faces of the
people he saw, but he couldn’t recognize anyone.
“Have you been able to sight Al-Zawari?”, Damien asked
him. Mustapha shook his head. “What about Funmi?”, he
asked again. Mustapha shook his head again and continued
looking, then he spoke up. “But it looks like they are
preparing for an attack. And it appears it’s going to be a big
“Then we stop them immediately!”, one of the soldiers
blurted out.
“Yes! We have to take them on now!”, another said.
“Relax”, Col. Coker who had been watching the whole scene
in silence said, “the mission comes first. We came here for
Funmi, and that’s what who we are going after. If we attack
now, we might be outnumbered, and we would definitely fail.
We have to wait till they go.”
“But sir, what if they take her along?”, another soldier asked.
“They wouldn’t”, Mustapha said, “or would I say, they
usually don’t.”
“What if they change their mind this time around?”, the
soldier asked again. Mustapha shrugged.
“The mission comes first. We can’t afford to blow this. We
are obviously outnumbered and we have a short supply of
ammunition. We can’t afford to risk a firefight, at least not
yet. When it’s time to attack, we would know”, Col. Coker
He was still talking when the first of the vans began moving.
The second followed, and the third. Within a few minutes the
vans were out of their sight. Damien continued watching the
camp and saw some terrorists still milling around.
“What’s the play, boss?”, Damien asked Col. Coker.
“Now we move”, he said..

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