TITLE: Accidental Victim EPISODE: 36
Are you guys ok?”, Col. Coker asked with his rifle on his
shoulder as he came out from within the bushes. Damien
and Mustapha were stunned. “Are you guys ok?”, he asked
again as he went around kicking the corpses of the terrorists
to ascertain if they were really dead. “We are fine”, Damien
replied slowly as he regained himself and picked up his rifle
from one the dead terrorists. Mustapha did same.
“Sir, are you here alone?”, Damien asked as he heard rustles
coming from within the bushes, and he immediately pointed
his gun towards that direction, ready to shoot. “Lower your
rifle”, Col. Coker said, “they are friendlies.” Damien lowered
his rifle as the soldiers came out from within the bushes one
at a time. Six of them in all, fully kited in camouflage
uniforms, not easily detected in the forest.
Damien looked at the soldiers as they went around the dead
terrorists picking up their guns and checking their
“I wasn’t expecting to see you back here”, Col. Coker said to
Damien as he looked deeply at Damien. “Neither was I sir”,
Damien replied, “I thought you went back to base.”
“I was supposed to’, Col. Coker replied, “but I couldn’t. I
couldn’t possibly leave my niece here. What would I tell her
“How long have you been out here?”, Damien asked him
“Some hours…”, Col. Coker replied.
“So you saw what happened to the soldiers who came in?”
“Not exactly, but I suspected something like that would
happen. It was a fvcking ambush! It was like they knew
where they were going to be at that particular time.”
“Like a mole was feeding the terrorists information?”,
Damien asked again.
“That wouldn’t be far from the truth”, Col. Coker replied.
“Did you try alerting the General before the invasion?”
“I tried, but he wouldn’t listen. Now I can’t reach him
“Could it be that the Talibans are monitoring comms in the
area?””I wouldn’t know”, Col. Coker replied again.
“Musty”, Damien called out to Mustapha who was with one
of the soldiers. “Yeah”, he replied as he walked towards
“You have any idea if the Talibans have a device to monitor
comms around?”, Damien asked Mustapha.
“With the way these guys are going, I wouldn’t be surprised
if they did”, Mustapha replied.
“Sir, have you been communicating with anyone since you
got here?”, Damien asked Col. Coker.
“Yeah. The office has been providing tech support”, he
“It would have to be minimized for now”, Damien told him.
“Going by what Mustapha said, these guys may be
monitoring communications in and out of here, and if that’s
the case they might already know what has happened and
they would be able to locate us before we do.”
“You have a point there. So, restricted comms it is.”
“So what’s the plan now?”, Damien asked.
“Let’s come together”, Col. Coker said to no one in
particular. The other soldiers heard and came to where he
stood and they all squatted, forming a small circle.
Col. Coker looked around the men, pausing for few seconds
to look at their faces, then he began speaking.
“This is it guys! It’s just us against them. We can’t retreat
now. We just have to end this, right here, right now. You
saw what these guys are capable of doing. But we have an
advantage over them. They are not trained. We are better
trained than they are. Let’s stop this menace. Let’s stop
this horror on our country.”
Col. Coker looked at Damien and asked, “You still have the
map of the area?”
Damien looked at Mustapha who nodded slowly before
bringing out the map from the kit, then he spoke up. “Sir, I
don’t know how this map would be helpful now. We need to
know our present location before we relate it to the
coordinates on the map.”
“Don’t worry about that”, Col. Coker said as he nodded at
one of the soldiers who brought out a GPS device from his
A few minutes later, they knew exactly where they were.
They knew the route to take to the main camp which was
their destination.
“Huddle up guys!”, Col. Coker called out to the men. They all
stood in formation in front him – nine of them in all, including
Damien and Mustapha.
“The objective primary objective of this mission remains the
same”, Col. Coker spoke as the men watched him, “we
rescue Funmilayo Coker. The secondary objective is
obliterating the Taliban camp. It can be done! It shall be
done! You are to shoot to kill. No exceptions. Mustapha,
you are to stay ahead to lead us there. Are you up for it?”
“Yes sir!’ Mustapha replied.
“Damien, you know where she would be held up.
Immediately we get there, both of you go for her while we
provide backup. Do you understand?”
“Yes sir!” Damien replied.
“Andrew, immediately we get to the location, you call it in.
We have 900seconds to achieve our mission objectives. Do
you understand?”
“Sir, won’t they still be monitoring the comms?”, one of the
soldiers asked.
“Fvck them! Call in it! We are all going home after this! Do
you understand?”
“Yes sir!!!”, they all chanted.

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