TITLE: Accidental EPISODE: 30
‘Please sir, send me back in before the invasion of the
camp’, Damien said to Gen. Garbar as he realized Funmi
wouldn’t possibly survive it if the plan to attack the
Taliban camp was carried out. His heart went out to her
as he imagined the trauma she would have been passing
through. And for her to die at the end? He couldn’t take it.
Several hours earlier, Mustapha and Damien had been
ushered into the tent where Col. Coker and the others
were. They were all distraught after losing the chopper
and about eight men. Moral was getting low. Their faces
brightened a little when they saw Damien and Mustapha. It
was a small win for them, but not the win Col. Coker
wanted. His niece was still in the Taliban camp.
They were given food, water, a change of clothes and
Damien stuffed himself with so much food after which he
relaxed a little bit on a cot in one of the tents.
‘Please don’t kill her!! Take me instead!!’, Damien
screamed at the man wielding a sharp sword about to cut
off Funmi’s head. He watched as another man placed her
head on a table and held her in place. ‘Take me instead!!
Please!!! Don’t kill her!! Don’t kill her!!!’, he screamed
again at the men. The men didn’t pay attention to him.
They didn’t hear him, or they pretended not to. He
watched as the man who held the sword recited some
words in arabic and raised his sword. He saw her turn her
sullen face toward him. ‘Damien… Damien…’, he heard
her call out to him. He watched as the sword came
bearing down on her neck. ‘Noooo!!!’, he screamed.
Damien suddenly jumped up from the cot, sweating
profusely. He saw Mustapha lying down on a cot close to
him. He was smiling at him. ‘Afternoon-mares?’,
Mustapha asked him with a slight smile on his face.
Damien nodded and sat up on his cot, covering his face
with palms, pondering what the dream was all about. ‘You
were talking gibberish in your sleep. I’ve been calling your
name’, Mustapha said, expecting a response from
Damien. He was silent.
‘They are going to kill her’, Damien spoke up some
minutes later. ‘They are going to kill her…’, he said again.
‘Who are they going to kill? What the hell are you talking
about?’, Mustapha asked him.
‘Funmi… They are going to kill her. I saw it. I saw them
do it’, Damien said.
‘You saw them do what?’, Mustapha asked him.
‘They killed her. The cowards! They killed her!’, Damien
‘Dude, you just had a nightmare. Sorry, afternoon-mare’,
Mustapha said and laughed. ‘I’m sure she’s still alive. You
are just having a bad dream’, he said again.
‘Great!’, Damien muttered. ‘For how long was I out?’, he
asked Mustapha.
‘Erhmm, that would be about two hours, forty four minutes
and twenty five seconds’, Mustapha replied, looking at the
watch on his wrist.
‘Were you able to sleep?’, Damien asked.
He shook his head and said, ‘I tried. I got just about forty
minutes of sleep, then I woke up.”Hmm… Well, I guess I’ve not had the opportunity so say
this properly. Thank you’, Damien told Mustapha.
‘For what?’, Mustapha asked him. ‘For saving my life… A
couple of times…’, Damien replied.
Mustapha smiled and said, ‘then I guess I should say
thank you for the one time you saved my life.’
They both laughed. ‘But really, you held out on your own.
I noticed what you did, and I’m impressed. With just a few
months training and the right weapons, you’ll be good to
go. A killing machine in the making’, Mustapha told him
and they both laughed it off.
‘So what’s been happening out there?’, Damien asked
Mustapha after a while.
‘I have no idea, I’ve been trying to rest’, Mustapha replied,
‘but I saw two trucks drive in not quite long with a couple
of soldiers.’
Damien got up from the cot, put on the olive fatigue shirt
he was given and was walking out of the tent. ‘And where
do you think you are going to?’, Mustapha asked him.
Damien stopped and looked back at him. ‘I can’t just sit
here doing nothing’, he replied.
‘We are supposed to be resting’, Mustapha told him.
‘I have rested enough. You have not, so you rest’, Damien
‘Wait up’, Mustapha said as he got up from his cot and put
on his shirt. ‘I’ve not been able to rest, so I just might use
the time to walk around’, he said.
Damien smiled and walked out of the tent, with Mustapha
trailing behind him.
‘Where is everyone?’, Damien asked Mustapha as they got
out of the tent and realized that the whole place was
‘Dude, we’ve been together since. How do you expect me
to know?’, Mustapha asked him.
‘I sure you’ve heard of the word ‘Rhetorical question”,
Damien said.
‘Say what?’, Mustapha asked him.
‘Don’t worry about it’, Damien replied as he saw a soldier.
‘Please excuse me’, Damien said as he approached the
soldier. ‘Where is everyone?’, he asked him. The soldier
pointed at the large tent used as a make-shift situation
room without saying anything. Damien nodded and
thanked him. He walked towards the tent, with Mustapha
trailing behind him.
As they got closer to the tent, they noticed that almost all
the soldiers were present there and they heard a voice
giving a speech. They both entered the tent and stood
close to the entrance beside other soldiers, listening to the
man who stood on an elevated platform speaking to them.
‘Like I said earlier, the President is not happy about this.
The military cannot continue to be embarrassed by this
barbarians. We must crush and put an end to this menace
once and for all…’, the voice was saying.
Damien was confused. He wondered what was happening.
He looked around to see if he would find Col. Coker. He
didn’t see anyone. He saw very few of the faces he saw
some hours earlier.
‘What’s happening?’, he asked the soldier standing beside
him. ‘New General. New command’, the soldier told him
curtly. ‘What about Col. Coker and his men?’, he asked the
soldier again. ‘Left’, the soldier replied. He was about
asking the soldier why they left, but the soldier’s facial
expression suggested otherwise. He continued listening to
what the General on the elevated platform was saying.
“… You fight for your country! You fight for your families!
You fight for your numerous colleagues who have lost
their lives in this war! You fight for your right to live
peacefully in your country! Your country! My country! Our
country! Let’s not allow these barbarians take that right
from us! They are taking it already! They are taking it
already! But we must take back what is ours! We must
take back what is ours! Who is with me on this?!”
“Aye! Aye! Aye!”, the soldiers cheered, raising their rifles
up in the air. Damien marveled at the sheer power of
motivation. The man raised his hands, signaling them to
be quiet and he continued speaking.
“The President is proud of you! Your country is proud of
you! And I’ve been assured that you all would be
compensated handsomely…”That resulted in another round of cheers from the soldiers.
The man signaled them to be calm again and he continued
“We are going in and we shall bombard them in full force,
completely exterminating them! No exceptions! No mercy!
We just have to…”
The General was still speaking when the IP Telephone on
his desk beeped. He stopped talking. The tent went quiet.
He came down from the podium and went straight to the
desk and picked up the phone.
‘Go for Redblade’, the General said into the mouthpiece.
“This is Janus. Requesting for confirmation regarding two
journeywalkers posted from HQ…”
‘What’s the password they gave?’, the General asked.
“Repeat password”
‘Negative! Negative!! Wrong password! Apprehend
journeywalkers!’, the General commanded the soldier on
the other end of the line.
There was a brief silence on the line. The General was still
waiting for response from the soldier at the other end of
the line. Suddenly he heard some sounds in the
background. ‘Enemy intrusion! Enemy intrusion!!’, the
General heard a voice say on the phone. Some seconds
later, he heard a sound… BOOM!! Then silence…

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