TITLE: Accidental EPISODE: 29
Immediately, the engine of the chopper disintegrated and
it’s rear rotor housing component blew off. The chopper
stalled in the air for some seconds, after which it slowly
spun into the forest. Several minutes later, an explosion
was heard.
‘Jeez!!!’, Damien screamed when they heard the explosion.
They both stopped in their tracks and looked behind. They
only saw smoke rising into the atmosphere from a
distance. ‘We have to keep going’, Mustapha said as he
grasped Damien by the arm. He shook his head as they
continued on their way, walking swiftly.
Dawn was ascending as Damien and Mustapha were
descending to the lower part of the road. Damien was
exhausted. ‘How come we’ve not met any military patrol
vehicles on this road?’, he asked Mustapha. ‘We are still in
Taliban territory. Military personnel are scared of
patrolling these areas. They are often slaughtered’,
Mustapha replied. ‘Then how come we’ve not seen any of
the terrorists?’, Damien asked again. ‘Dude, I have no
idea!’, Mustapha shot back at him. Damien shrugged and
concentrated his gaze on the road ahead.
‘Hold it!! Drop your weapons!! Drop it!! Drop it!!!’, the
soldiers screamed at Damien and Mustapha, pointing
menacing weapons at them.
They had walked for several hours without sighting any
patrol vehicle, not even a sound of human movement,
except those of birds and creatures in the forest.
They suddenly heard voices coming from the side of the
road. They looked around, but they didn’t see anyone. The
voices were still screaming at them, ‘On your knees!!! Go
down!! Down!! Drop your weapons!!! Drop it!! Drop it!!’
Both of them were visibly confused. They didn’t know
what was happening due to the fact that they didn’t see
the persons issuing the commands. Mustapha took solace
in the fact the persons were obviously not terrorists, they
were most likely military. Educated. Not uncultured and
barbaric like the terrorists. At least they would be given an
opportunity express themselves. Mustapha quickly went
down on his knees and dropped his rifle. Damien followed
Four beastly looking fully camouflaged soldiers suddenly
walked out of the bush beside the road with the rifles
pointed at them. One of the soldiers, with eyes fixated on
them, walked to were they knelt down and kicked their
rifles away from them.
‘Who the hell are you?’, he asked.
‘Please help us. We were kidnapped by the Talibans’,
Damien pleaded.
‘Shut up!’, the soldier barked at him.
‘Please, you have to believe us’, Damien continued, ‘we
escaped last night. We are trying to locate Col. Coker of
the State Security Services, he knows who we are.’
‘Col. Coker, you say?’, the soldier asked looking into
Damien’s eyes.
‘Yes’, Damien replied.The soldier concentrated his gaze at Damien for a while
and looked at Mustapha. Mustapha looked unwavering,
like he knew nothing bad was going to happen. ‘What is
your name?’, the soldier asked looking at Damien. ‘I’m
Damien Abbah’, he replied. ‘And you?’, he asked, looking
at Mustapha. ‘Mustapha Danladi’, he replied, composed
and self-poised.
Damien watched as the soldier looked at them
menacingly. ‘Watch them’, he said to the other soldiers as
he walked back into the bush.
After what seemed to Damien like ages, but in reality just
some minutes, Damien heard a sound coming from behind
him. He turned and saw a Jackal Armored Wheeled
Vehicle coming down the road. The soldier who went into
the bush walked out briskly with a more relaxed
‘You may get up’, he said as he got to them. Both of them
got up slowly and Damien tried stretching his body. ‘Can
we take our rifles?’, Damien asked, pointing at the rifles on
the floor. The soldier nodded. ‘Then I guess our identity
has been confirmed’, he said to the soldier with a smirk on
his face. ‘You would have been dead by now if it wasn’t’,
the Soldier told him.
The Armored Vehicle then drove beside them and a soldier
came down and saluted the soldier talking with Damien.
‘Take them to the Colonel’, he said to him. ‘Yes sir!’, he
‘Mount on, guys’, the soldier said to Damien and
Mustapha, ‘and good luck.’ ‘Good luck to you too’, Damien
Both of them climbed onto the Armored truck and the
truck drove away, with Damien bidding goodbye to the evil
forest of doom…

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