TITLE: Accidental EPISODE: 27
Ophidiophobia. Damien was an ophidiophobe. He dreaded
snakes. He was fazed! He froze on the spot. He watched
with dread as a small rattle snake crawled on the palm he
placed on a branch of the tree. He wanted to scream, but
his voice was stuck.
He peeped and saw the leader of the group looking
around. He looked back at his outstretched palm as the
snake crawled on it gently and unperturbed. It was as if
his palm was part of the bark of the tree.
He began sweating. The snake was taking ages to crawl
away. He couldn’t scream for fear of being noticed and
eventually being caught. He had to be patient. He had to
overcome his fear.
He remembered reading in the past that snakes are
usually dangerous only when threatened. ‘I’m not
threatening you. Please just go in peace’, he pleaded in his
Then the snake paused. ‘Please just continue moving’, he
pleaded silently. He was now sweating profusely, scared
as hell. He didn’t even notice when the other men came
back to join the leader. He was watching the snake.
Suddenly the snake turned to face him. He was shocked!
He abruptly lost his grip on the branch of the tree and
went tumbling to the ground, his gun falling beside him.
Adrenaline coursed through his system. He didn’t feel any
pain as he fell. He didn’t even think about it. He didn’t
think about the men either.
The snake. He had to get away from it. He impulsively
picked up his gun and ran. Where he was running to, he
had no idea. He just ran, tumbling through the bushes and
The men had already left when they heard Damien fall.
The leader stopped in his tracks and all his men stopped
too. They turned and ran back.
Before they got there, Damien had already taken to his
heels. They were in hot pursuit. The leader took an aim an
fired, and the rest of the men shot sporadically in the
direction they felt Damien ran.
Damien heard the shots and ducked as he ran. ‘Shiiit’, he
muttered as he continued running. The men continued in
pursuit while still firing wildly.
Damien knew he couldn’t outrun them forever. They were
diehards and he knew they would run to the ends of the
earth till they caught him, or killed him unless he did
something.He knew he had an advantage over them. He was
smarter, or so he thought. He just had to be smarter.
He ran faster and found a tree with a stem large enough to
cover him, and he ducked behind it.
He looked behind through his night vision goggles and
tried to analyze their exact positions, but the rays of their
torches nearly blinded him. He looked away and took the
goggles off.
He peeped again and quickly analyzed their formation.
There were five torches, so there were definitely five men.
Three ran ahead, while the remaining two ran some feet
behind them. They were still running towards him.
He cocked his gun, took a deep breathe, and waited. The
wait seemed to seemed to him like ages, but some
seconds later, the men ran past him.
Immediately, he got up quietly, took an aim at their backs
and fired.
Cliccck, clicccck, cliccck, were the sounds he heard.
‘Fuuuck’, he nearly screamed. His rifle jammed. It
wouldn’t fire. He quickly crouched and tried readjusting
the magazine. But some moments later, he looked up and
saw five beams of torches flashing on him…
Cliccck, clicccck, cliccck, were the sounds he heard.
‘Fuuuck’, he nearly screamed. His rifle jammed. It
wouldn’t fire. He quickly crouched and tried readjusting
the magazine. But some moments later, he looked up and
saw five beams of torches flashing on him. ‘Drop it!’, the
leader screamed down at him.
Damien was angry at himself. He had been too clumsy of
late, and now he was going to pay for it with his life. He
was wondering what he was going to do, and many
ridiculous ideas ran through his head.
‘Do I attack them?’, he contemplated within himself. On a
second thought, he knew he didn’t stand a chance against
the five men. Besides, he didn’t know what their orders
were, whether to bring him alive or not. One bullet from
any of the men in the forehead could easily end his life.
Judging from his proximity with that of the men, he
concluded that there was nothing else he could do. He just
had to surrender.
Damien knelt down and gently dropped his gun at his side,
then he raised up his hand, looking around at the flashes
of light around him.
The leader gave a command and two of his men marched
forward. One of them was pointing his gun at Damien
while the other went behind him to drag him up.
Damien watched the man pointing the gun at him and
wondered if the man would really shoot if he made any
move.He was still watching when he heard a slight hiss directly
above him and the man who was pointing a gun at him
slumped to the ground. A split second later, he heard
another hiss and the man who was behind him was
already on the ground too.
Everything happened so fast. Within seconds, Damien
swiftly picked up his gun and ran towards the nearest tree,
ducking behind it.
Rapid exchange of gun fire had already begun and the
men didn’t notice when he ran because they were
concentrated on shooting at the invisible target.
Damien cocked his gun and took a shot. This time around,
it fired. He began taking carefully aimed shots at the men.
The men had already taken defensive positions and one of
them had already targeted Damien, firing shots at his
position, then it stopped. He wondered who had come to
his rescue, but he had a fair idea.
About a minute later, it was all over as quickly as it
started. The men had stopped firing. It was either they
were dead or injured or they had run out of bullets.
Damien hoped it was the earlier.
Damien was still crouched behind the tree when Mustapha
crept towards the men he was shooting at. Two of the
men were dead while the leader lay on the ground mortally
wounded. Mustapha stood above him and the leader
raised his eyes and looked up at him.
‘Yo-oo-u’, he tried to voice out. He tried raising his gun,
but Mustapha kicked it off. ‘Go fu*ck your seventy
virgins’, Mustapha said as he pointed his gun at him and
burst his brains. He kicked the others and confirmed they
were dead. No stories.
‘You can come out now dunce’, Mustapha called out as he
turned towards the tree where Damien hid. Damien was
already out and was watching him.
‘Don’t call me that’, Damien retorted as he walked towards
him. ‘That’s exactly what you are you fool!’, Mustapha
screamed back at him. ‘You plan on getting yourself
killed? ‘Cos I can freaking do that for you, right here, right
now!’, he screamed at him again, pushing the silencer of
his rifle against his chest.
‘I had the situation under control’, Damien said, ‘I had a
plan.’ ‘You wished you did!’, Mustapha quipped. ‘And what
exactly was your plan’, he asked him. ‘That’s not
important now’, Damien replied. ‘Thanks for helping me
out’, he added.
‘Don’t just get me killed’, Mustapha said. ‘Where you able
to make the call?’, he asked Damien. Damien nodded.
‘And?’, he asked him again. ‘They said they have our
present location, they would be moving in tomorrow and
we should maintain our present position, and… I guess
that’s all’, Damien replied.
‘Ok… But we obviously can’t stay here. The others must
have heard the sound of the gun shots and would be on
their way here as we speak’, Mustapha said, looking
‘Are you not going back to the camp?’, Damien asked him.
‘And leave you out here alone?’, Mustapha asked him. ‘I
told you earlier that you wouldn’t last up to six hours, but I
was wrong. You wouldn’t even last up to an hour’,
Mustapha said.
Damien smiled slyly. ‘You are right’, he thought, ‘I guess
I’ve lost my touch.’
‘Gather the mags of the guns’, Mustapha said to Damien
as he moved the bodies of the men beneath the scrubs
‘What about Funmi? The lady…’, Damien asked as he
clicked off the third magazine from the gun. ‘She’s safe
there for now. They wouldn’t harm her… yet’, Mustapha
replied. ‘You still have the map, right?’, Mustapha asked
him. ‘Yeah’, Damien replied.
Mustapha was moving the last body when he sensed
something around, and he dropped the body. ‘Let’s move’,
he called out to Damien and they slid deeper into the
‘What do we do now?’, Damien whispered as he crouched
behind Mustaphar of some shrubs.
They were both watching a group of men walking around
their duty post in the middle of the night, with a small
bonfire close to them. They couldn’t see clearly through
the night goggles they wore, so they took it off. They could
then see the men clearly, but the men couldn’t see them.
There were about four men in the group, pacing as they
pointed their rifles to no one in particular. It was obvious
they’ve been informed of the escape and they were at high
Mustapha knew their drills. He knew that under normal
conditions, just one of the men would have been awake
while the others would have taken turns in sleeping till it
was morning. But right now, they were all awake. It was a
They had walked through the forest, stealthily evading
sentry posts and guards roaming around the forest,
looking for them.
Mustapha didn’t have details of the rescue operation. He
wished he did, as it would have enabled him plan better.
He didn’t know the mode of entry of the rescue team
neither, either by air or by land. But he suspected that
entry through air would be too dangerous. His aim was to
get out of the forest and hopefully meet those in charge so
as to give them firsthand information before they invaded
the camp.
Mustapha knew the terrorists must have noticed his
absence by now, but he wasn’t bothered. He knew there
was no way he could have allowed Damien walk through
the forest alone that night. He wouldn’t have survived it.
Besides, if he got caught, he didn’t know how well he
would be able to withhold information when tortured.
Damien already knew about him. If Al-Zawari found that
out, both of them would be as good as dead. He couldn’t
risk it, so he was stuck with protecting Damien.
Mustapha continued watching the men keenly,
contemplating his next line of action. He studied the
movements of the men and noticed that one of them
talked briefly with one of the men and then went away
from where the others stood.
‘Wait here’, Mustapha whispered to Damien as he got up
and swiftly but quietly slid into the darkness. ‘Where are
you going to?’, Damien whispered back at him, but he got
no response. Mustapha was already gone.
Mustapha put back on his night goggles and stealthily
walked in the darkness. He rounded behind the post of the
men, crouching briefly occasionally to avoid detection. He
finally found who he sort out for – the man who walked
away from the others.
Mustapha found him squatted, with his back towards him.
He didn’t know if he was stooling or just urinating. He
didn’t care. The man’s guards was lowered and he had to
take advantage.
He brought out his pen knife and pushed the button at the
side. It made a silent ‘click’ sound and the blade shot out
at the front.
He held the knife and walked silently towards the man.
The man was urinating and was about getting up since he
was through when Mustapha came up behind him and
threw his left hand around his throat. In the same swift
motion, he brought up his knife and stabbed the man
through his ear.
His death was instantaneous. Very quick and soundless.
Mustapha laid him on the ground and drew out his knife.
Blood gushed out. He cleaned the knife on the shirt of the
man and dragged the man deeper into the bushes. Later
on, he hid behind a tree and waited. ‘One down, three to
go’, he muttered.
Several minutes later, Mustapha was still not back.
Damien continued watching the men and noticed that the
man who left was not back either. Suddenly he saw three
of the men conferring. Instructions were issued and one of
them nodded. He went off, obviously to look for the other
man who didn’t come back.Damien continued watching patiently and noticed that the
men were getting agitated. Their colleagues were not
back. One of them pointed to the other that he should go
and check out what was wrong. He shook his head and
insisted that the other went on his own. They began
haggling for several seconds until they both agreed to go
together. Damien watched as both men walked into the
darkness. He knew Mustapha would have killed the other
two men, but he didn’t know if he would be able to handle
these two men at the same time, so he left his place of
hiding and crept after them.
Mustapha watched from a distance as the two men came
towards him, pointing their rifles as they went. Some
minutes earlier, one of the men had already come through
that same route. He had waited patiently for the man to
pass by him before he grabbed him from the back and
snapped his neck. Silent and deadly. No questions asked.
But this time around, he knew he couldn’t take two of
them at a time. They were with their rifles and he knew
they would shoot at any slightest sign of attack.
The men had walked closer to him now. He could see
them clearly, but they couldn’t see him. He pointed his rifle
which was still affixed with the silencer and took an aim at
one of them. He waited briefly. He knew he only had one
shot at this. No room for mistakes. Then he fired. The
bullet hissed through the air and a fifth of a second later, it
found it’s target – the forehead of one of the men. Perfect
Immediately, the man slumped on the ground and his
partner noticing it, began firing wildly into the air.
Mustapha quickly crouched behind the tree, and bullets
spurted at the bark of the tree and flew all around him.
Then it stopped as quickly as it started. No more
Mustapha felt the man was trying to reload and he knew
that was his turn to take advantage. He took a peep and
saw someone walking towards him without caution. He
quickly took an aim, then he stopped. He was stunned.
Walking towards him was Damien, grinning wildly with his
rifle slung above his shoulder. ‘You can come out now,
dunce’, he called out with a grin. ‘I guess now we are
even’, he said to Mustapha as he came out from behind
the tree. ‘I told you to wait there!’, Mustapha shot back at
him, ‘I had this under control.’ ‘Don’t worry, you are
always welcome’, Damien said, patting Mustapha on the
shoulder while still smiling.
‘So how long till we are out of this god forsaken forest’,
Damien asked Mustapha. ‘Not too long’, Mustapha replied,
‘just about seven clicks north of here and we should hit
the road.’ ‘Still that far?’, Damien nearly screamed back at
him. ‘Hurdle up! We have to get going’, Mustapha shot
back at him. ‘Great!’ Damien muttered in disgust…

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