TITLE: Accidental EPISODE: 26
‘What do you have for us?’, Damien heard as he finally
made the device work.
He had followed the description Mustapha gave him, but
he still missed a few turns before he was finally able to
locate the box with the aid of the map.
He opened the box and found the device. He was
confused because he had never had to use such a device
in his life. He had never seen it earlier either. Mustapha
had not told him how to couple it. He quickly examined the
device and realized it could take some time before he
could make it work, and he was unprotected.
The gun. He remembered the gun. He had to get it first. He
followed the description Mustapha gave him and found the
man some distance away from where the box was,
covered with some leaves.
Damien shook his head and covered his nose with his
right hand. ‘Fu*cking terrorists’, he muttered.
He found the tip of the gun poking out from beneath the
man. He tried to push off the man with his legs. He didn’t
want to touch him, but he had to eventually because the
dead man seemed heavier. He lifted his cloth slightly with
his right hand and drew out the gun from beneath him
while holding his breathe.
He held the gun and examined it. It was an AK-47 assault
rifle. He clicked off the magazine and realized that the
rounds were less than 30. The gun had been used
previously, so it was relatively reliable. He took an aim
with the rifle, and some seconds later he went back to the
box containing the device.
After so many trials and errors, he was finally able to
connect the device and he heard a voice.
‘What do you have for us?’, the voice said.
Damien was silent. He didn’t know if it was a code or
something else.
‘Mustapha, are you there?’, the voice said again.
‘This is not Mustapha’, Damien replied.
‘Who the hell is this?’, the voice asked.
‘This is Damien Abbah’, he replied.
Damien heard some whispers in the background. Then the
voice came on again, this time though, a different voice.
“Damien Abbah? How is that possible? Where is
Mustapha?”Who am I speaking with?’, Damien asked.
“Mr Abbah, this is Col. Coker of the State Security
Services. We know all about you. It’s good to know that
you are fine. Is Funmi there with you?”
“I’m sorry, she’s still held up.”
“And you escaped?”
“I did. We were held in separate cells and I couldn’t reach
her on time.”
“Is she fine?”
“She was the last time I saw her.”
“How about Mustapha?”
“He’s back at the camp. His cover is still intact.”
“Ok, that’s good. Right now we have your present location.
I want you to stay put. At first light tomorrow morning we
are coming for you guys.”
Damien was about asking him about the details of the
operation when he heard a beep on the phone.
‘Hello… Hello…’, he called out into the phone. No
response. The phone was dead. ‘Fu*ck!’, he muttered.
He crouched and placed the phone back into the box,
covering it with the dry leaves just as he met it.
As he was getting up, he saw a brief flash of light through
his night vision goggles. He crouched How am I going to handle this?back and
concentrated his gaze into the distance.
What he saw shocked him. Coming towards him was a
group comprising of five men with beaming torches. He
could see them in the distance but they couldn’t see him,
yet. He quickly picked up his rifle and slid away, climbing
a tree close by.
Damien watched as the leader of the group froze and held
up his hand indicating that the others stop too. They
stopped in their tracks and the leader crouched. He
concentrated the beam of the torch on the ground and
found footprints. He traced the tracks of the footprints and
found that it went different ways.
He gave commands to each of the men to check out the
tracks. The men spread out and one of them went beneath
the tree Damien was, pointing the beaming torch onto the
tree, but Damien hid himself well in between the branches
of the tree and the man didn’t see him.
The leader looked around and noticed an object carefully
hidden beneath some dry leaves. He got to the box, and
he opened his mouth in surprise.
At that same moment, one of the men called out to the
leader. The body of the terrorist killed by Mustapha had
been found. The leader cursed as he examined the man.
He knew him.
‘He should be close by’, one of the men said. The leader
went back and studied the tracks once more.
‘You, you, go towards this direction’, he pointed,
commanding two of his men. ‘And both of you, go towards
this direction’, he commanded the remaining two men with
They moved immediately, leaving him alone there. He
picked up the device, and tried to make it work.
Damien watched from the tree as the man tried to make
the device work to no avail, then he felt something
crawling on his palm..

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