TITLE: Accidental Victim – EPISODE: 25
Damien was astonished!
Mustapha was stunned!
‘What are you doing here? How did the hell did you
escape?’, he nearly screamed at Damien.
Damien didn’t respond. He brought down the knife and
touched his face with his other hand. The turban covering
his face had fallen off during the scuffle. ‘No wonder he
recognized me’, he thought.
‘You plan on getting yourself killed?’, Mustapha asked
again since he got no response from Damien, ‘because
that’s exactly what’s going to happen. I told you there
was a rescue operation being planned.’
‘When is it?’, Damien asked.
‘It’s going to be tomorrow morning. Now you’ve
complicated issues. If you are caught, you would
definitely be killed’, Mustapha replied. ‘Then let’s make
sure I’m not caught’, Damien shot back.
‘What’s that supposed to mean?’, Mustapha asked, ‘I can’t
be found with you. It would blow my cover.’
‘Ok, I understand’, Damien replied, ‘but since you know the
terrain, I would need your help in getting out of this forest.’
‘Are you crazy? You want to get out of this forest on foot?
You’ll be dead in six hours!’, Mustapha replied.
‘So what do you suggest we do?’, Damien asked again.
‘We? Dude, you are on your own on this! You should have
thought about this when you left your cell’, Mustapha
replied angrily.
‘The dumbass should have remained in his cell’, Mustapha
This complicated issues for him. He knew there was no
way he could allow himself be found with Damien. They
would definitely be killed. Al-Zawari had no mercy for
traitors, as he had proved earlier. He couldn’t leave
Damien on his own either, he wouldn’t stand a chance
against the horde of terrorists looking for him.
He knew Al-Zawari’s MO. By now he would have
instructed a group of terrorists to comb all the nooks and
crannies of the camp and if not found, their search would
be extended into the forest till he was found, and killed. He
couldn’t let that happen.
He turned back towards Damien and heard the last
statement he made. ‘Are you even listening to me?’,
Damien asked.
‘What were you saying?’, Mustapha asked back.
‘You said you have a device used in communication
right?’, Damien asked. Mustapha nodded. ‘When last did
you use it?’, Damien asked again. ‘About an hour ago’,
Mustapha replied. ‘And who do you communicate with?’,
Damien asked. ‘My handler. But the last time, it was with
his boss and he mentioned something about coordinating
with the SSS during the incursion tomorrow. They were
supposed to send in a covert team to rescue you guys
before the main strike force comes in’, Mustapha replied.
‘Then I guess they’ll just have to worry about the lady
now, not me’, Damien shot back at him. ‘Where is the
device?’, Damien asked.
Mustapha shook his head. ‘I possibly can’t take you to
where it is. There’s no time for that. I have to go back.
But I can describe it’s location to you’, Mustapha replied.
‘How well do you describe things?’, Damien asked with a
sly smile on his face. Mustapha smiled back. ‘Don’t worry,
I’ll give you a perfect description’, he replied.
Mustapha quickly gave Damien a description of the
location of the box containing the device in the forest,
describing the marks he made on trees and tiny pieces of
clothing he tied on shrubs marking the footpath. Damien
nodded, indicating that he understood.
‘Would your guys be able to detect my exact location with
the device?’, Damien asked. ‘They should’, Mustapha
repliedDamien nodded again and asked, ‘you know the terrain of
the forest right?’ ‘Of course’, Mustapha replied. ‘Where
would be their possible point of entry? I mean the area that
are most vulnerable’, Damien asked.
Mustapha sighed. He dipped his hand into the pouch
underneath his dress and brought out a folded sheet of
paper. He dipped his hand again into the pouch and
brought out something. ‘Take this’, he said to Damien,
‘you’ll need it.’
Damien took it from him and examined it. He realized it
was a night vision wraparound goggles. He cleaned the
glasses and wore it.
‘Perfect!’, he exclaimed. He was now able to see in the
dark with clarity and distinct optical definition. He saw
Mustapha’s facial features clearly now. ‘Thanks’, he said
to him.
Mustapha spread out the sheet of paper and Damien saw
a miniaturized sketched map of the area. He was amazed
at the details embedded in it.
‘This is our present location’, Damien heard Mustapha
say, pointing at a spot on the map. Damien looked
through the night vision goggles and saw the spot
Mustapha was pointing at. He looked around and nodded.
‘This is where the main camp is located’, Mustapha said
as he pointed at another spot on the map. ‘Here, here,
here and here are the main point of entry’, he said as he
pointed at four different tiny spots. ‘There are few guards
usually posted here’, he said, pointing at the third spot, ‘so
this should be their main point of entry.’
Damien nodded as Mustapha pointed at landmarks noted
on the map and gave descriptions between each of them.
‘Thanks for this’, Damien said, satisfied with the
descriptions Mustapha gave him.
‘I have to go now, take care of yourself and don’t get
yourself killed’, Mustapha said to Damien.
He turned his back on Damien and was about leaving
when Damien touched him on his shoulders.
‘One more thing’, Damien said. ‘What is it?’, Mustapha
asked. ‘I’ll need your gun. I have no weapon on me’,
Damien said. Mustapha shook his head. ‘That wouldn’t
do’, he said, ‘I have just one, and I can’t afford not to have
it on me.’
Then he remembered something. The man he killed earlier
had a gun, and he covered the man with his gun.
He gave the description of where the man was to Damien.
‘Be careful’, he said to Damien. ‘You too’, Damien replied
as he snaked back into the forest.,,,

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