TITLE: Accidental Victim – EPISODE: 24
He looked around and noticed that there were no guards
around. He didn’t wait around to find out where they were
as he took the nearest path into the forest.
Damien avoided the already established footpaths he saw.
He kept to the trees. He was walking swiftly, stumping on
shrubs and grasses as quietly as he could, without
knowing exactly where he was going to. He wasn’t worried
about wild animals, because he knew they would have
been scared away a long time ago. He had ophidiophobia,
but that was the least of his worries. He just didn’t want
anyone to find him no matter what.
Damien had walked deep into the forest for several
minutes without any headway. The sun was gradually
setting but some rays of sunlight still penetrated through
the trees.
He had walked a considerable distance away from the
clearing, when he felt a sharp object poking at his side. He
stopped and dug his hand into the dress of the man he
incapacitated and he found a small knife.
He felt the tip and found that it was very sharp. He looked
ahead and saw two trees. They were about ten meters in
front of him. He looked at the knife and hefted it. In one
swift move, he took an aim at one of the trees and flung
the knife. About two seconds later, the knife struck the
tree he aimed for and it’s tip stuck to it. Damien smiled
inwardly. ‘I guess I still have it in me’, he thought.
He walked towards the tree, drew the knife out and looked
at it. He wished he had a better weapon, but the knife
would have to do for now.
He continued his walk deep into the forest, but after a
while, he stopped in his tracks and crouched immediately.
He heard something.
He looked around and found nothing, but he had a strong
feeling there was danger lurking around. ‘Where am I even
going to?’, he wondered.
He decided he needed a plan. But what plan? He had no
idea. He just decided he would make up things as he went
He was about continuing when a thought occurred to him.
He had no idea how vast the forest was. He had no food
supplies with him. He had no good weapons either to ward
off any danger. He had no idea how long it would take him
to get out of the forest, if he would ever get out of it.
Besides it was already getting dark. He concluded it was a
futile endeavor.
Funmi. His heart went out to her. He wondered how she
must be feeling now. He couldn’t just leave her at the
mercy of the terrorists. He couldn’t trust that they wouldn’t
harm her, that’s if they’ve not already done so. ‘But when
I saw her earlier, she wasn’t doing too bad’, he thought.
He wished he could see her and talk to her and hold her
and… The thoughts trailed off.
Mustapha. The undercover police officer. ‘He mentioned
there was a rescue plan’, he thought. He knew he needed
to talk with Mustapha. But how he was going to go about
it, he had no idea.He took some time to rearrange the turban on his head,
covering part of his face with it. He looked down at his
attire and realized that he now looked like one of the
terrorists. ‘Perfect disguise’, he thought.
Damien began tracing his way back to the camp. It was
already dark. He was having difficulty finding his way back
and doing so soundlessly.
Lights were already put on in the camp. He was seeing
glimmers of it far into the distance. He had already lost his
way one too many times, but he focused on the light far
ahead of him to guide him back.
He had gotten closer to the clearing than he was several
minutes past when he suddenly froze in his tracks and
crouched immediately. He heard a loud siren blaring in the
distance. He wasn’t imagining it this time around. It was
‘What is happening?’, he wondered. He knew the only time
a siren would be blown at this time could be if something
was amiss. ‘Perhaps they’ve found out I escaped’, he
thought, ‘I have to be more careful.’
He was still crouching, with a shrub covering him, trying to
think about getting into the camp without being detected
when he saw a man quietly walk past him.
He was shocked! He was sure the man didn’t see him. He
couldn’t detect the man’s facial feature either. He looked
behind and realized there was no one following the man.
He was alone. ‘It’s now or never’, he thought.
He got up abruptly and dashed at the man, placing the
blade of the knife in his hand over the man’s throat. The
man acted like he expected it, jabbing Damien with his
right elbow. Damien felt it and he staggered back a little
He didn’t relent. He dabbed forward with the blade pointed
at the man, but the man dodged. Damien had already
missed his target which was the man’s throat, but he
recoiled, hitting the man heavily at the back of his head
with his elbow.
The man cursed. He turned around facing Damien.
Damien was facing him now, still with the knife in his
hand. The man was about lunging forward when he
stopped suddenly. ‘Damien??’, he whispered.
Damien was astonished!

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