TITLE: Accidental Victim – EPISODE: 20
Deep within the Taliban camp, Mustapha Danladi was
worried. He sat in the dining stall but he lost his appetite due
to the events he feared were about to occur. Several hours
before, the video had been transmitted and he wondered the
kind of uproar it would have generated. So m, Mr Daniel
The Brigadier General nodded like he understood the
protocols needed for such information to be disclosed to
any thoughts
ran through his head as he slowly tried to munch the food in
his mouth.
“What if the government doesn’t bulge in releasing the
“Would the hostages really be beheaded?…”
“They obviously must have seen the video…”
“What plans are they making?…”
“Would there be any rescue operation?…”
“The charade of these terrorists have continued for far too
“It has to stop!”
‘I need to know what they are doing about this!’, he
muttered as he stamped his fists on the table in front of
He was shocked at the noise it made and he looked around
to see if anyone noticed. He saw some men clustered in
groups, some eating, some laughing at jokes being told and
some polishing their weapons. He was unnoticed. He was
He got up, picked up the rifle he placed on the table earlier
and went out of the stall into the sun. The sun was biting
really hard, so he squinted his eyes and adjusted his turban
to prevent the sun from touching some parts of his face.
He looked around and noticed everyone was going about
their normal activities. No one noticed him. He saw some
men passing by with their rifles slung around their shoulders
and he greeted them. They responded and continued their
It was midday and it was time for a change in shift. The
men who were on morning duty were being replaced by
those on afternoon duty. He was on night duty so he was
free to do whatever he liked till it was night, except of
course if there was an attack or any other emergency arose.
Mustapha walked some paces towards the end of the
northern part of the clearing in the forest. He stopped to
look behind him several times to know if anyone was
following him. No one noticed. No one even cared. At least
not until they were ordered to.
When he got to the end of the clearing which led to the path
where he hid his box, he looked behind him to check if
anyone concentrated their gaze on him. No one did. But he
didn’t want to take chances, so he slung his rifle over his
shoulder and made the act of loosing the rope of his
trousers.He looked behind him, but no one still cared so he went into
the forest with the thought that anyone who caught sight of
him might think he was going to respond to the call of
The marks he made on the trees leading to his hideout were
made more visible only to him by the penetrating rays of
sunlight through the top of the trees into the forest and it
made locating the point easier. But he still didn’t want to
take any chances. After walking several paces, he bent
down behind some shrubs, pretending he was taking a leak,
while still looking around to know if anyone was watching or
following him. He didn’t see anyone so he got up and
continued on his way.
When he got to the tree, he scanned around to see if anyone
followed. He was satisfied no one did, so he crouched and
moved the dry leaves he used in covering the small box
containing the device. He opened the box, connected the
device to the phone and pressed a button. He waited for
several seconds before he heard a voice.
‘Mustapha Danladi’, the voice said.
He was shocked! That was not his handler’s voice and he
had never spoken to anyone except him. ‘What the hell is
happening?’, he thought.
‘Who is this?’, he asked with frown on his face.
“This is Superintendent Ridwan. I’m sure you must have
heard about me…”
“Yes sir…”
“You are on with Col. Coker, the DG of the State Security
Services… What’s the situation over there?”
“The situation here is dicey sir. I’m sure you must have
seen the video.”
“Yes we have. In fact we are currently in Mangali prepping
for an incursion before the deadline.”
“You are in Mangali right now?”
“Yes we are. How’s the security situation over there?
“Can’t say for now sir. Would have to carry out feasibility
studies of all security stations to determine exact points of
“Noted. How are the hostages?”
“They were still holding up the last time I saw them…”
“Did you identify with them?”
“I did with the male…”
“Ok. Do all you can to make sure they are safe no matter
“I understand sir…”
“When do we hope to get the report?”
“In two hours sir…”
“Two hours? Make it an hour thirty minutes…”
“I’ll do my best sir…”
Suddenly Mustapha heard a rustle of leaves behind him. He
looked back and he was shocked….

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