TITLE: Accidental Victim – EPISODE: 19
“Hello Mr President…”, Col. Coker said as he collected the
phone from the agent.
“That’s true sir, it’s a very delicate situation and we are
doing all we can to resolve it…”
“No sir, it wouldn’t get to that…”
“We actually have a new asset and it is hoped that it would
go a long way in helping us resolve the issue as soon as
“Yes sir, we have all the resources we need…”
“Mr President, I’m giving you the assurance that the
Taliban group would soon be a thing of the past in this
“I’m not trying to be vague sir, but I’m confident that we
would soon eradicate them from our country and there
would be no traces of them left…”
“Yes sir. Plans are already been made to move close to
the site and coordinate with the military for a possible
“Yes sir. The hostages are our primary concern. In fact
that’s why we are making plans for a covert operation
prior to the main incursion…”
“Most likely they would be rescued during that
“Yes sir. I’ll put that in mind…”
“Yes sir. We were expecting their call, but they didn’t call
“I didn’t want to bother you with that sir. We’ve already
worked out the modalities here…”
“I’m sorry sir, I didn’t mean it that way sir…”
“Yes sir, I understand…”
“I’m sure it wouldn’t get to that sir…”
“No sir. I’ve not spoken with him since the video was
“Yes sir. I’ll send regular updates as the operation
“Oh, that’s very good sir. It definitely helps with the easy
coordination between our two agencies…”
“Yes Mr President…”
“Thank you very much sir…”
“Goodbye sir.”
Col. Coker heaved a sigh of relieve as he ended the call
with the President. Mr Daniel looked askance at him as he
didn’t understand their conversation. ‘Is this man thinking
of going to the Taliban camp?’, he thought.
Col. Coker looked at him and understood the obvious
confusion written on his face. ‘Do you have the phone you
use in communicating with Mr Mustapha?’, he asked
facing Supt. Ridwan. ‘No sir’, he replied, ‘it’s with his
handler’. ‘And how can we get it?’, he asked again. ‘Should
I call him to bring it over?’, Supt. Ridwan asked. ‘It
wouldn’t be necessary Superintendent, we would be going
over there.”Mr Daniel, please select six of your most trusted agents
and call the pilot. We leave for Mangali in an hour time’,
Col. Coker said facing Mr Daniel.
Mr Daniel was surprised at Col. Coker’s sudden rash
decision. It was obvious on his face. He couldn’t help but
ask, ‘Sir, don’t you think we need more men? Just six
operatives might not be able to accomplish this mission.’
‘Don’t worry’, Col. Coker said, ‘we are to coordinate with
the military in this operation. They would provide all the
manpower we need.’
Mr Daniel nodded. ‘No problem sir, I would make all the
preparations’, he said as he walked out of the cubicle.
Mr Daniel went back into the situation room and saw
some of the agents still clacking on keyboards and some
sitting on the chairs, obviously waiting for instructions.
‘Where is TL1?’, he asked to no one in particular. ‘He
stepped out just now’, one of the agents sitting close to
him responded. ‘Find him and tell him to see me
immediately’, he said to him. ‘Yes sir’, the agent
responded as he got up to call TL1.
‘So how did it go?’, Staci Samuel asked as she walked in
after Mr Daniel into his office. He shook his head and said,
‘Not too good. We have to go to Mangali in an hour time.
Call the pilot and inform him.’ ‘Ok sir’, she said. Then she
continued, ‘but sir, is it not too rash going down there?
Wouldn’t it be better just to give them what they want and
get the hostages back? Besides, it’s not like we have more
information than what we already have.’
‘We do actually’, he said. ‘Really?’, she asked. ‘Yes. There
is a police officer presently undercover in the Taliban
camp. We hope to take advantage of the information he is
able to give.’ ‘A police officer undercover in the Taliban
camp? What’s his name?’, she asked.
Mr Daniel was about responding when they both heard a
knock on the door. ‘Come in’, they both said
simultaneously. TL1 walked in.
‘You sent for me sir’, he said. ‘Yes I did’, Mr Daniel replied,
‘prepare your team. We leave for Mangali in one hour.’
‘Yes sir’, TL1 replied. He turned and was about opening
the door when Mr Daniel called out to him, ‘TL1’. ‘Yes sir’,
TL1 responded and turned back. ‘Tell no one else about
this’, Mr Daniel said. ‘Yes sir’, TL1 replied and he walked
out of the office.
Mr Daniel went to the mini wardrobe in his office where he
kept his kit in cases of emergency. He brought out a small
bag and was arranging his kit when Staci came beside him
and joined him in arranging the bag. ‘That reminds me sir’,
she said, ‘you were telling me about the undercover police
officer in the Taliban camp.’ ‘Yes. His name is
Mustapha… something. Can’t remember his surname’, Mr
Daniel replied. ‘And he hasn’t been detected since’, she
asked again. ‘Not that I know of. In fact I’m sure he would
be influential in the plans the Colonel is making’, Mr Daniel
replied. She nodded and didn’t say anything.
They completed arranging the kit and he was good to go.
‘Keep me abreast with any information that comes
through’, he told her as he walked out of the office. ‘Yes
sir’, she replied.Immediately she confirmed that they had boarded the
plane, Staci Samuel went to her desk. She unlocked the
lowest drawer and tried pulling off something that was
stuck beneath the drawer above it. She pulled off the tape
used in sticking it and pulled out a phone.
The phone had a device attached to it used in encrypting
all calls in and out of it. She switched it on and dialed the
only number programmed in it. She waited for twenty
seconds after which she heard two beeps. ‘What do you
have for me?’, a voice said at the other end of the line.
‘You have an undercover police officer in your midst’, she
said. ‘What is his name?’, the voice asked. ‘Mustapha’,
she replied. ‘Hmm… Noted!’, the voice said. ‘One more
thing’, she said. ‘What is it?’, the voice asked. ‘They are
organizing a covert operation to rescue the hostages, after
which there would be a full scale attack’, she replied. ‘Let
them try’, the voice said and she heard two beeps on the
phone which signified an end in the transmission.
Staci Samuel switched off the phone, stuck it back to the
lower part the drawer above the last drawer and walked
out of the office.

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