TITLE: Accidental Victim – EPISODE: 18
‘Where have you been, Mr Daniel. You know we have a
critical situation on hand’, Col. Coker asked Mr Daniel as
he walked into the cubicle in the situation room. He saw
Col. Coker sitting on a couch while a man he had not met
before sat opposite him. Mr Daniel looked at Col. Coker
with a questioning look and nodded subtly towards the
man sitting opposite him. Col. Coker nodded slightly and
gave him a sign that he was free to talk.
‘I’m sorry sir. I was actually receiving information
concerning the young man in the video, Damien Abbah’,
Mr Daniel replied. ‘And is it concrete enough?’, Col. Coker
asked him. ‘Very concrete sir. It came directly from his
uncle’, Mr Daniel replied.
‘His uncle came here?’, Col. Coker asked again. ‘Yes sir.
He is a Brigadier General in the Nigerian Army. He just left
some moments ago’, Mr Daniel replied. ‘He’s in the army?
And a BG?’, Col. Coker asked. ‘Yes sir’, Mr Daniel replied.
‘What’s his name?’, Col. Coker asked again.
Mr Daniel’s face twisted. He didn’t get to ask what the
Brigadier General’s name was. But he remembered seeing
the name on his name plate. ‘Abbah’, he replied. ‘General
Abbah?’, Col. Coker said with a smirk on his face. ‘Is he
still around?’, he asked again. ‘No sir’, Mr Daniel replied,
‘do you know him?’ ‘Yes, he was actually an instructor for
one of the courses I took’, Col. Coker replied, ‘He was one
of our sternest instructors. Anyway, there’s someone I
want you to meet. This is Superintendent Ridwan of the
Nigerian Police. He said he has some information
concerning the Taliban group. I didn’t want him to have to
repeat the information so I asked him to wait.’
Mr Daniel looked at the man sitting opposite Col. Coker
and stretched his hands for a hand shake. ‘It’s my
pleasure’, he said. The man nodded as he took his hand.
‘So what do you have for us?’, Col. Coker asked as Mr
Daniel sat on the couch beside him.
‘As I tried explaining earlier’, the SP began, ‘we’ve been
trying to crack down the Taliban group from our end, but
we’ve been largely unsuccessful. The only success we’ve
recorded is having an inside man in the group.’
‘An inside man you say? One of their members?’, Mr
Daniel asked. ‘He is actually one of my officers and he
successfully infiltrated their group. He’s now under very
deep cover’, the SP replied.
‘Interesting’, Col. Coker said, ‘what is his name?’ ‘His
name is Mustapha Danladi’, the SP replied.
‘How long has he been undercover?’, Mr Daniel asked. ‘For
about five months now’, he replied.
‘And he was not detected’, Col. Coker said, ‘that’s
impressive. Who else knows about this?’
‘Just myself and his handler. It’s safer that way’, the SP
replied.’We now know. That makes four persons, if I’m not
mistaken’, Mr Daniel said as he looked at Col. Coker and
the SP. The SP nodded.
‘So how do you receive information from him?’, Col. Coker
asked. ‘He calls via an encrypted satellite phone whenever
he has any information to pass’, the SP replied.
‘And the information he passes are reliable?’, Col. Coker
asked. ‘Of course. In fact it has helped us thwart some of
their attacks’, the SP replied. ‘Was he able to tell you their
exact location?’, Col. Coker asked again. ‘Yes, we receive
the coordinates of his location whenever he calls’, the SP
‘When was the last time you heard from him?’, Mr Daniel
asked. The SP said, ‘Last night.’ ‘And what information did
he pass?’, Mr Daniel asked again. ‘He talked about two
persons that were brought into the camp,’ the SP was
saying, ‘he mentioned one Damien Abbah and Funmi
Coker. When the information was relayed to me by his
handler, and the name Funmi Coker was mentioned, I
realized what was happening and I immediately took a
flight down here. It was on my way here that the video
was released.’
‘Is there any way you can contact him?’, Col. Coker asked.
‘We can’t contact him. We just sit and wait till he contacts
us’, the SP replied. ‘Who receives the information
directly?’, Col. Coker asked again. ‘His handler does, and
he relays it immediately to me’, the SP replied. ‘And how
many persons do you have undercover in that group?’,
Col. Coker asked again. ‘Just him’, the SP replied.
Mr Daniel was going through a message that came in
through his phone after which he looked at Col. Coker who
was sitting beside him. ‘Sir, we have less that forty eight
hours left before they act again’, he said.
‘I’m aware’, Col. Coker replied nodding his head solemnly.
‘What do you presume should be our next line of action,
sir?’ Mr Daniel asked.
‘What do you think, Superintendent? Is there a way we can
rescue the hostages covertly with the help of your man
since we now know their exact location?’, Col. Coker
The SP shook his head. ‘It would be difficult sir’, he said,
‘these guys are totally serious. They are not to be trifled
with. They are well armed, well organized and self
contained. They are also well funded too. We’ve not been
able to concisely determine how they are funded, but I
assure you they are well funded. It is evident in the caliber
of weapons and equipments in their possession.
Infiltrating them was a herculean task on it’s own, and it’s
a good thing we were able to surmount that, but rescuing
the hostages with just few men? I’m sorry sir, I don’t see
how feasible that is. Besides, we don’t have much time to
plan and the terrain is not too familiar, so they would
always have an upper hand over us.’
‘What about the military? Is there any way they can be of
help?’, Mr Daniel asked facing Col. Coker. He shook his
head. ‘We wouldn’t want a confrontation. The hostages
would be in the line of fire and we can’t afford such
collateral damage. We need a fool proof plan. Besides, we
need an end to this menace as soon as possible. Both
men nodded.
Mr Daniel was about speaking up when they heard a
knock on the door and an agent walked in. ‘There’s a call
for you sir’, she said facing Col. Coker. ‘Who is it?’, he
asked. ‘It’s the President’, she replied….

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