TITLE: Accidental Victim – EPISODE: 16
This time around, she heard herself scream. Immediately
she sat up and opened her eyes. She looked around and
the two men were gone. She touched her chest and felt
where she was stabbed. There was nothing there. She felt
her entire body and saw that nothing was amiss but for
the fact that she was sweating profusely. She tried
listening for sounds outside the iron door, but she heard
nothing. She turned her face towards the iron door, trying
to look through the spaces in the door. She saw that
everywhere was still dark, so it wasn’t morning yet.
She bundled herself in a bear hug and laid down back. ‘So
I had been dreaming’, she thought, ‘thank god it was just a
dream’. She tried going back to sleep, but she couldn’t.
She just kept stirring and turning at every sound while
waiting for dawn to break.
Several yards away, Mustapha and the two young men
had just completed setting up the VTU in a makeshift tent.
They had spent all night trying to fix a damaged
component in the unit, and they finally succeeded. They
were still doing some preliminary testing when Al-Zawari
walked in with two of his lieutenants.
Mustapha and the two other men shuffled and stood at
attention before him.
‘Is it ready?’, Al-Zawari asked with his gaze directly at
Mustapha. ‘Yes sir, we just began testing it now.’
Mustapha replied.
‘What have you been doing all night?!’, Al-Zawari
screamed at him. The two men beside Mustapha had
already began fidgeting.
‘A component got bad, and I was fixing it’, Mustapha
calmly replied.
Al-Zawari glanced at the setup and asked, ‘And it’s ready
to broadcast now?’
‘We are still carrying out the testing’, Mustapha replied.
Al-Zawari paced around the equipment for awhile and
finally concentrated his gaze on Mustapha.
‘Make sure it is ready before 0700hrs’, he said and he
stumped out of the tent, with his lieutenants walking out
after him.More than an hour later, the doors to Damien’s prison was
opened and he squinted his eyes as he saw two men walk
‘Tashi!’, one of the men screamed at him. Damien
remembered that ‘Tashi’ meant ‘stand’, and he stood. The
too men came beside him and one of them threw a hood
over his face.
They held his hands while walking him out of the prison.
After walking for several minutes, they got to the tent.
When they got inside, one of them stamped the back of his
knee which made him go down. ‘Aahhh’, he screamed in
pain. ‘Damien!’, Funmi called out. She was kneeling beside
him. Hearing her voice alone was a soothing relief to him.
‘How are you holding up?’ he asked her. ‘Just there’, she
‘Ku ishuru!’ Al-Zawari screamed. Damien had forgotten
what it meant, but it sounded like it was directed at them,
and so he stopped talking.
He heard Al-Zawari issue a command in hausa and one of
his lieutenants took off the hood covering their faces.
Damien looked around and realized they were in front of a
video recorder held in place by a tripod stand. He saw the
man who identified himself to him to be an undercover
agent in the police force operating the device. ‘What was
his name again? Mohammed? Mustapha?’, he thought. He
saw Al-Zawari beside him looking at the video monitor.
There were about five other men in different positions in
the room holding menacing looking weapons.
He didn’t notice the man standing behind him, but when he
saw Al-Zawari give a nod towards them, he looked back
and saw a man wearing military camouflages with a
turban around his face with only his eyes visible. He was
holding what looked like a sword. But this didn’t look like
an ordinary sword. It was curved, and it looked like a two-
edged sword. It’s steel looked well sharpened. Damien
was scared. ‘So this is the end’, he thought.
Funmi followed Damien’s gaze, but when she saw the
man, she didn’t betray any emotion. She had given up
hope. She was prepared for whatever the outcome would
Funmi followed Damien’s gaze, but when she saw the
man, she didn’t betray any emotion. She had given up
hope. She was prepared for whatever the outcome would
Al-Zawari looked at his watch. It was exactly 0700hours.
He nodded at the man standing with the sword. The man
brought out a long sheet of paper and placed in front of
‘Read out! Now!’, he said. The red light on the video
sensor was already blinking.
Damien looked at the sheet of paper and was frightened.
He realized he had no choice but to read out the contents
of that paper. He looked towards the camcorder, looked
back to the paper and began to read.
“My name is Damien Abbah and she is Funmi Coker”, he
began. He paused and looked towards Funmi, then he
continued. “we are Nigerian citizens. Our country has
constantly brought aggression against the Islamic state
ably represented by the Taliban group in the country.”
Damien looked up, then he continued. “Our country has
plotted against them and have found reasons to always
interfere in their affairs. Our strikes have caused them
casualties and most of their brothers have been arrested
and rotting in our prisons”.Damien looked up and saw them all looking at him sternly.
‘What about the bomb blasts killing innocent women and
children? Who complains about it to them?’, he thought.
He remembered the man standing behind him and knew
that with just a nod from Al-Zawari, he could loose his
head. He didn’t plan on loosing it anytime soon, so he
“This has become highly unacceptable to them. They
would no longer tolerate it. They asked to speak with our
President, but those in the high powers decided to play
politics with it and thought of playing them. This stops
now. They demand the immediate release of their 72
brothers imprisoned in Kutungu jail. They also demand the
release of their 45 brothers in Kajola jail.”
Damien looked towards the camcorder, looked back at the
script he was reading and continued.
“This is not a request. They give us two days to process
their demand. Failure to do so would lead to our
beheading and result in more bloodshed of our people.
The camcorder clicked off and the red light stopped
blinking. Damien noticed Al-Zawari saying something to
Mustapha and he nodded. ‘Now, what?’, Damien thought.
Al-Zawari said something in hausa which Damien didn’t
understand and two of the men standing around grabbed
both of them and walked them out of the tent back to their
About 3 of the guys in the computer unit were banging on
their keyboards vehemently. Al-Zawari and the other men
stood there watching them keenly. After what seemed like
ages to Al-Zawari, but in reality just about five minutes,
one of the tech guys screamed with joy, ‘Angama!’
Al-Zawari looked towards the monitor, and when he
realized he couldn’t understand what was on it, he asked.
‘Are you sure they’ve all gotten it?’ ‘Every last one of
them’, the man replied. Al-Zawari nodded and he walked
out of the tent, with his two lieutenants walking out behind

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