TITLE: Accidental Victim – EPISODE: 14
Damien couldn’t see anyone because he was locked in a
prison in the Taliban camp. He and Funmi had been pulled
and dragged across the clearing into the trees in the forest
through some men who were hissing and jeering at them.
They walked some miles through the forest and passed
beside what looked like a mini camp with small huts built
with clay. Damien looked through the corner of his eyes
and saw some scared looking young women and children
staring at them. There was fear in their eyes. They passed
by the huts and passed by some group of women cooking.
They all stopped what they were doing and stared at
Damien and Funmi as they were dragged by the men.
The men didn’t talk to either them or those staring at them.
They just continued marching them on. They finally go to a
long row of huts built with clay and reinforced with iron
There were men each posted as sentry in front of each hut.
Immediately they approached, one of the men opened one
of the iron gates and pushed Damien in. He crawled up and
heard the doors slammed and the keys turning loudly
behind him. The men continued forward and put Funmi in
another hut.
Damien tried looking around his new accommodation, but
visibility was low. There were no windows in the prison and
the ground was floored with cement. The prison was hot
because of limited ventilation. The only source of
ventilation into the prison was the space beneath the iron
doors and the space between the roofing sheets and the
top of the walls.
Damien sat on the mat and placed his head between his
legs. So many thoughts were running through his head for
several minutes.
‘How the hell am I going to escape from this place?’
‘Would I even survive this ordeal?’
‘What are they planning on doing with us?’
‘Is anyone even aware of what is happening?’
But that was the least of his worries because he was
hungry. Very hungry. The last time he ate was some hours
ago. He tried swallowing his saliva, but even that had been
exhausted. His throat was very dry.
He was on the verge of collapsing when he suddenly heard
some voices outside the door. They were speaking a
language he didn’t fully understand, but one word which he
heard and knew what it meant was, ‘Abinchi’. From the
time he spent in the northern part of the country during his
youth service days, he knew ‘Abinchi’ meant food.
He knew this meant food was around. But whether this
food was meant for him or for the guards posted outside
the prison was what he didn’t know.
He didn’t have to wait for much longer to find out because
some moments later, the iron door was opened and a
young man with light beards and a turban around his head
walked in with a tray in his hand…
He didn’t have to wait for much longer to find out because
some moments later, the iron door was opened and a
young man with light beards and a turban around his head
walked in with a tray in his hand.
The man walked towards where Damien sat, bent down
and dropped the tray in front of him. Damien watched him
carefully and was trying to study his facial expressions.
The man looked like he wanted to tell Damien something.
The man looked backwards toward the iron gate and
looked back at Damien. He then whispered, ‘what is your
name?’, in a strong northern accent. ‘My name is Damien
Abbah’, Damien replied. ‘How come they brought you with
her? She was supposed to be brought alone’, he whispered
‘I was mistakenly kidnapped with her.’
‘Is anyone aware you are missing now?’, he asked again. ‘I
have no idea’, Damien replied. ‘Don’t worry I’ll get the word
out’, the man said.
‘How are you going to do that? Who are you?’, Damien
whispered.My name is Mustapha Danladi. I’m a CID officer in the
Police force. I’m presently undercover’, the man replied.
Damien’s eyes brightened up. There was hope after all.
‘How long have you been here?’, he asked again. ‘I been
here for almost five months now’, Mustapha replied.
‘I heard there was no network here. How do you get word
out?’, Damien asked. Mustapha was about responding
when they heard a bang on the door. They were both
‘Mene ne yake faruwa?’, a voice asked. ‘Ina zua yanzu’,
Mustapha replied.
‘I’ll be back tomorrow’, Mustapha said to Damien. He got
up and walked towards the door and knocked. The door
opened and he walked out.
Damien heard Mustapha speaking with the men outside
and after a while there was silence.
Mustapha Danladi was a Police Officer under the Criminal
Investigation Department in the state. Being a young man
and very ambitious, he sought to eradicate crime in every
way he could. Several months earlier, he had infiltrated the
Taliban group with the aim of disbanding them from within.
He went under very deep cover and very few people knew
his present mission. Everyone thought he went on a long
He had gradually risen up the ranks in the group, due to the
military attacks against them which had cut down their
numbers. He usually communicated details of the
operations of the Taliban group to his handler via an
encrypted Satellite phone which he hid beneath a tree deep
in the forest and these had led to some of their attacks
being foiled.
Mustapha left the men outside the prison and crouched
behind the hut to look around if anyone was watching him.
He was satisfied no one was watching and he crept silently
into the forest. He walked silently in the dark, counting
trees and noting marks he had previously made. He
stopped a few times, crouched below some shrubs and
looked around to see if anyone was watching or following
He was satisfied no one was, and he continued his walk.
He walked a few minutes and got the tree. He looked back
to see if anyone was following him. There was no one. He
then bent down and moved the dry leaves he used in
covering the small box containing the device.
He opened the box, connected the device to the phone and
pressed a button. He waited for several seconds before he
heard a voice.
“Hello… What do you have?”
“Two persons were brought in today. A male, Damien
Abbah and a female, Funmi Coker.”
“Come again?”
“Two persons, Damien Abbah and Funmi Coker were
brought in today.”
“Did you say Funmi Coker?”
“Yes sir.”
“Anything sir? What about her?”
“Just know that she’s a big deal. Nothing must happen to
her. Ok?”
“Yes sir. What about the male, Damien Abbah?”
“Damien Abbah? Never heard of him. Would check around.”
“Ok sir.”
“Be careful.”
“Bye sir.””Bye sir.”
Mustapha clicked off the phone and looked around. He
didn’t see anything suspicious. He put the device back into
the box. He covered the box back with the dry leaves, got
up and walked through the trees cautiously.
After walking several minutes, he got to the camp and went
to the kitchen. He was hungry because he had not had
dinner. He sat at a table after asking one of the women to
get him some food.
He had just began eating when two of Zaw’s lieutenants
walked up to the table and stood before him. ‘Zaw want to
see you now’, one of them said. ‘I’ll go to him when I’m
through’, Mustapha replied. ‘He said now!, the second
lieutenant said. Mustapha looked up at them and was
shocked. He washed his hands, got up, and went with

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