TITLE: Accidental Victim – EPISODE: 13
About one thousand two hundred and fifty kilometers
away, Funmi’s head was on Damien’s chest as both of
them laid on the ground in their modified room.
Damien was on his back, staring at the wooden ceiling
board, counting numbers in his head and listening to the
changes in the vibration of the engine beneath him, trying
to decipher the motion and speed of the vehicle.
He had been counting from 1000 backwards and he was
already at 69 and still counting. He tried thinking about
something else he could do to task his brain. He made a
mental note to recite all the countries of the world
alphabetically, which he had learnt while in secondary
Damien and Funmi felt the lurch as the trailer suddenly
pulled to the right, off the smooth highway, and they felt
the tires grabbing at the pavement as the trailer hauled
around a tight right. Then there was a confusing blur of
turns, brakes and increased acceleration.
They were now fully awake and they sat up. The trailer
cruised down on slowly on winding roads, rough roads,
potholes and twigs of branches on the road. It later
slowed almost to a stop, turned a tight right while
shuddering them from side to side. It felt like they were
very close to their destination.
The trailer later move up over a hilly road and leveled out.
It then rolled forward another few yards, stopped and the
engine noise finally died. It was replaced by an
eerie silence.
Striker, the Leader and the Lady heaved a sigh of relieve
as they finally got to their destination.
Damien tried to listen if he could hear anything, but he
heard nothing. Everywhere was frighteningly silent.
Suddenly, Striker, the Leader and the Lady got out.
Damien clearly heard their doors open, like he was with
them outside. Their doors slammed with enormously loud
metallic clangs in the stillness. He heard them come
around to the back of the trailer. He could hear the sound
of the keys swinging gently as it was slid into the lock. The
lock clicked back, the handle turned and the door swung
Striker pulled back the door and propped back the metal
contraption used in holding the entrance to the wooden
room in the trailer. He put it away and gestured them out
with his Glock.
Damien walked down the steps of the trailer and he helped
Funmi down the steps. They stood together, looking out
and around. They realized everywhere was already dark.
Funmi held his arm with obvious fear in her eyes.
They were in a forest clearing surrounded by wooded
slopes and jagged hills. Damien could perceive the fresh
smell of wood. It was a strong smell. Clean and fresh, and
there were huge trees all around them.
Damien could see faint black outlines of buildings off to
his right. They were long, low huts. They looked like
wooden structures, crouching in the dark.
There were some persons clustered in groups standing
among the nearest trees. Damien could see their vague
shapes. Most of them wore a headdress consisting of a
long piece of cloth wound directly around their head like a
There were more than seventy people just standing there
silently watching. Some of them were holding weapons.
Damien could see rifles and machine guns slung casually
over their shoulders.
Suddenly a cluster of men parted and a huge, fully
bearded man in olive fatigues with a machine slung
around his shoulder walked towards the Leader. He
spread out his arms towards him and yelled into the
silence, ‘Sannu dai zua!’
Suddenly a cluster of men parted and a huge, fully
bearded man in olive fatigues with a machine slung
around his shoulder walked towards the Leader. He
spread out his arms and yelled into the silence, ‘Sannu dai
The Leader took some steps toward him and they
embraced. ‘I heard you had some complications on your
way’, the bearded man said with a strong northern accent
as he broke away from the Leader.
‘Yeah, it was just a minor complication, but we were able
to handle it’, the Leader replied.That’s good’, the bearded man said while nodding his
head. He turned towards Funmi and Damien. Dread was
written all over her face.
‘My name is Nasir Al-Zawari’, the bearded man said while
walking towards them, ‘they call me Zaw. You might have
heard about me, but if not, you would get first hand
knowledge here. I assure you no harm would come upon
you if our demands are met, but if not, I’m sorry I would
be left with no other choice. Do you understand?’
Damien and Funmi didn’t utter a word. They just continued
staring at him.
‘Do you understand?!’, Zaw screamed at them.
‘Yes sir’, they chorused while nodding their head.
Zaw signaled two of his lieutenants, and he gave them
orders to take them away. ‘You can go and rest now my
friend. Tomorrow, you would get your money before you
leave’, he said to the Leader.
While they were being taken away, Damien recalled all he
had read and watched on the television concerning the
Taliban group and he realized he had just met the leader of
the most dreaded terrorist group in the country.
Nasir Al-Zawari aka ‘Zaw’, was the leader of the Taliban
movement in the country. They emerged as a resistance
to western education and western ideologies in the
country. They had taken responsibility for the various
bomb blasts in different locations in the country. They
take pride in their various infiltration mechanisms, making
it impossible for them to be detected before carrying out
their various terrorist acts.
In recent times, the government of the country, through
the military, had taken them head-on which had led to the
incarceration of many of the Taliban members and the
dwindling of their numbers. They had to push deeper into
the forest and lay low for a while.
But now, ‘Zaw’ was prepared. The military had fought him
hard, and they won the battle. He was now prepared to
fight them smart, with the confidence that he would win
the war….

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