TITLE: Accidental Victim – EPISODE: 12
He went to the back of the trailer and reluctantly unlocked
it. One of the police officers threw open the two doors and
looked inside. He saw some hungry looking eyes staring
at him and he screamed, ‘Holy shiiit!!!’.
Immediately, the man took to his heels and fled into the
bush beside the road. Two police officers ran after him,
pointing their guns at him as he ran. The man ran deeper
into the bush and the officers continued in pursuit. One of
the officers was faster and he got closer to him. He
realized he had a clear shot and he fired. The bullet caught
the calf of the man and he fell.
The officers got closer and rounded him up. They brought
him back to where the trailer was and by then, the driver
and the other occupant of the trailer were already on their
kneels with their hands cuffed behind them.
The persons behind the trailer were still coming out when
the officers placed the man who ran together with the
other culprits. There were about thirty two persons, most
of them young girls between the ages of 15 and 25. They
all looked famished with skinny legs and protruding eyes,
and when they were asked questions, none of them could
reply. It was the driver who spilled his guts and informed
the police officers that the girls were being transported by
a syndicate involved in abducting young girls and shipping
them out of the country for prostitution and the likes.
The officer immediately called his boss and informed him
of the bust. He was happy with the fact that he carried out
the arrest, or at least he initiated it. Perhaps it would
quicken his long awaited promotion. He was convinced
that Funmi would be among the girls because most of
them fit her description. But he wanted to be sure. He
needed this big win for himself.
He went towards where the girls sat beside the road and
asked, ‘Which one of you is Funmi?’ About seven of the
girls raised up their hands. He looked at the seven of them
in confusion. ‘I mean, which one of you bears the name
Funmi?’, he asked again. The seven girls raised up their
hands again. He forgot her surname, so he couldn’t ask
them using her surname.
He went and called back his boss to ask after her
surname. He was told. He came back and asked again,
‘Which one of you is Funmilola Coker?’ The girls looked at
each other, but none of them raised up their hands. He
looked at each one of them individually and asked again,
‘Which one of you bears the name Funmilola Coker?’ No
hands were raised.He shook his head and walked off in utter disappointment.
No big break for him after all. He consoled himself with
the fact that some arrests were made at least. ‘Load them
up’, he screamed to one of his subordinates.
On that very road, some twenty vehicles behind, Striker
was driving an industrial sized trailer used in conveying
goods between the northern and southern part of the
country. The Leader and the Lady both occupied the front
seats. Immediately the police officers made the bust of the
girls, they reduced the intensity with which they search
other vehicles because the traffic gridlock was heavy.
‘What do you have in there?!’, an officer asked as Striker
drove the trailer to the checkpoint. ‘It’s just feed for
animals’, the Leader replied. ‘Park!’, the officer screamed
up at him. Striker drove the trailer to the side of the road
and parked. ‘Officer, manage this one for drinks’, the
Leader said as he came down and tried doling out some
cash to the officer. ‘Open your cargo! I don’t need your
money!’, the officer screamed back at him.
Another officer heard the voice of the officer and he came
to join him. The Lady was watching what was happening
in the side view mirror, and was narrating what was
happening to Striker.
‘Officer, it’s just animal food that is there’, the Leader said
again. ‘Open it up!’, the police officer barked at him.
The Leader dipped his hand into his pocket and the two
officers quickly leveled their guns at him. He noticed the
guns pointed at him and slowly brought out a key.
He went to the back of the trailer and reluctantly unlocked
it. One of the police officers threw open the two doors and
looked inside. He looked up at the contents of the cargo
and saw what looked like bean chaff stacked in bails up to
the top of the trailer. He looked carefully, but it didn’t look
like anything was hidden behind.
‘You can go’, the officer said. ‘Thank you, officer’, the
Leader replied and smiled as he walked away from
By midnight in the Lagos state command of the SSS,
everywhere was cool and relatively quiet. The technicians
had swarmed all evening in the situation room, running
phone lines, tracing calls, banging on computer keyboards,
analyzing data and connecting dots on maps. Some
agents had already scoured the blast site for clues as to
the type of explosives used and the mode of operation of
the terrorists. Everyone was now tired, but none of them
could go home.
There were several agents sprawled in the leather chairs
in the situation room. Even Col. Coker still sat there
worried. As the DG of the State Security Service in the
country, he couldn’t leave. This was not just because of
his relationship with Funmi. The issue had left the realms
of ordinary kidnap, to an issue of national security. If Col.
Coker was worried, then everyone in the office was
worried, and they were going to stay worried until she was
found, safe and sound. So they all sat there. Quiet,
worried, and waiting.
Some hours earlier, they had listened to a voice over the
phone, claiming to be responsible for the bomb blast at
the bus park. The voice threatened to orchestrate more
blasts at other locations if his first demand was not met,
and attempts to trace the location of the call proved
Col. Coker had already informed the Presidency of what
was happening. He didn’t have a choice. He had other
plans in mind, but he knew the President needed to briefed
since the situation had escalated beyond controllable
proportions. If speaking with the President could prevent
another spate of attacks, then they were going to speak
with the president.
The SSS were in possession of a voice mimic device
which synthesizes the voice of any individual on file and
allows it’s user to speak as that person. The device
basically analyzes the voice print of the individual and
stores it on it’s database, and when in use, someone else
could speak and the sound heard would have the same
voice print of the original individual. The agency knew the
dire implications if this device was used without
authorization, hence the only person authorized to
approve the use of the device was the Director General
himself, and this was only in strictly exigent
Col. Coker knew this was a situation requiring immediate
action, and it would not be convenient for the President to
have a conversation with a terrorist, so he ordered the use
of the device.
The device had already been set up, and he was prepped
to speak with the terrorists as the President but they had
not called yet. They had all been waiting in the situation
rooming, but no call came through. Col. Coker sat in the
chair watching the clock. He was quiet, worried, nervous
and waiting for the call to come through…….

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