TITLE: Accidental Victim – EPISODE: 11
‘Where am I?’, Damien asked as he opened his eyes and
saw Funmi sitting opposite where he laid down, staring at
He looked around and realized they were in a kind of
room. The four walls, the floor, and the ceiling were made
from new plywoods, and smelled strongly of fresh wood.
There were no windows, and the only source of
illumination was a torch light that was hung unobtrusively
on the wall. Some loafs of bread and bottles of water were
placed there for their ‘enjoyment’ and at the end of room
was a bucket with a lid.
Damien tried to get up, but he felt a twinge in his head. He
got up gently and sat upright for some minutes before
pieces of information began coming back to him about the
fight he had with Draco, how he killed him, how he sought
for an escape route and how he was finally recaptured.
Everything finally fell in place for him. They were obviously
still kidnapped. And he was not dead, yet.
Some details eluded him, like how much time had passed
and where exactly they were, and he knew he had to get
answers one way or the other. He tried carrying out
feasibility studies of his new environment. He stood up
and tapped the wall but there was a dull sound, like there
was a cavity behind. He tried the four corners of the room
and they sounded the same. The room was built in a
bigger room, and it was well built. He felt some vibrations
underneath the floor like the room was in motion or there
were activities taking place beneath.
He looked towards Funmi and she was looking so forlorn.
The ordeal was indeed taking it’s toll on her. ‘How are you
holding up?’, he asked her. ‘Just there’, she replied
weakly. ‘You have any idea where we are?’, he asked her
again. She looked towards him and he realized her eyes
were filled with dried up tears and her lips were bruised.
‘We are in a lorry’, she said in a weak voice. ‘A lorry?’, he
asked with a quizzical expression on his face. She
Damien looked around him and he finally understood the
setup. He braced himself and tried ramming the wall with
his weight, but it was sturdy and it held. The cavity in
between the wooden wall and the wall of the lorry
absorbed the sound. It was a no-brainer.
‘So what exactly happened after I passed out?’, Damien
asked looking down at her.
“Things happened so fast. About 10minutes after you left,
I expected you back but it was the Leader and the other
guy who came in. They found the one you killed lying on
the floor and all hell was let loose. They began looking for
you all over the place. They hit me and told me to tell
them were you went. I told them I didn’t know and they hit
me some more. They dragged me out and threatened to
kill me if I didn’t tell them before they heard you coming.
That was when they caught you…”
“I’m so sorry about that…”
“Why didn’t you leave? You could have gotten help…”
“I was on my way back to get you… I couldn’t leave you
“You shouldn’t have done that…”
‘I guess I was dumb to have come back for you’, Damien
said to himself. Various scenarios played out in his head
about how he could have escaped and gone for help to
rescue Funmi, or how he could have been killed when they
eventually caught him. He thought about his mum and his
siblings who didn’t know where he was or what he was
going through. ‘She must be worried sick’, he thought to
himself.Damien limped back to where he was, laid on the ground
and was staring at the wooden ceiling while listening to
the rumbling of the tires of the lorry beneath. And for the
first time in more than 24hours since they were abducted,
he was really afraid.
‘What exactly are these guys up to?!’, Col. Coker asked
angrily as he sat on the chair in Mr Daniel’s office. ‘Have
we been able to identify any of the perpetrators?’ ‘No sir’,
Mr Daniel replied. ‘And where exactly are we on in the
investigation?’, Col. Coker asked again.
‘We traced the call of the kidnappers’, Mr Daniel said,
‘after which we invaded their hideout, but they had already
closed shop before we got there’.
‘Any whereabouts about their present location?’, Col.
Coker asked.
‘Not exactly, but the forensic analysts were able to
decipher that a cargo trailer was among the vehicles that
left the farm. It might be one of their operational vehicles,
so I think that narrows it down for us’, Mr Daniel replied.
“So what are you doing about it?”
“I called the IG of police and gave him some details of the
operation and requested that he instructed his boys to
carry out a thorough search of all trailers moving through
the states.”
“That’s good… But have anyone claimed responsibility for
the blast?

“There was no need for them to do that sir, because they
already said they would do that till their request was
“And what request is that? To speak with the President?”
“Yes sir…”
“But that’s ludicrous! What could they possibly hope to
“I have no idea sir…”
“And what could my niece possibly have to do with their
“I don’t know that either sir…”
Col. Coker was about asking another question when Mr
Daniel’s secretary came into the office and quickly said,
‘They need you in the situation room urgently sir, they’ve
called again’. They all crowded out of the office and
quickly went to the situation room.
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Over 450kilometers away, a cargo trailer was cruising
steady on a newly tarred road. The driver and two other
men sat at the front. Suddenly one of them saw a police
roadblock far ahead. The driver seemed to fret, but one of
the men scolded him and told him to act normally.
They got to the roadblock and they stopped behind the
vehicles before them. They noticed that the vehicles were
being thoroughly searched and even the trailers ahead of
them were properly searched which was very unusual.
Sweat was already dripping down the driver’s face. He
was getting worried and scared. ‘Keep calm and act
normal!’, the man screamed at him. The driver nodded his
head and wiped off his face with the sleeves of his shirt.
After crawling through traffic, they finally got to the check
point. They saw stern looking police officers armed to the
teeth, and they were directed to park at the side of the
‘What do you have there?!’, one of the policemen
screamed up at them. ‘Ha officer, it’s just foodstuff. Take
this and use for drinks’, one of the men said while
stretching his hand down towards the officer, offering him
some notes of cash.
‘Shut up and come down here!’, the officer screamed back
at him while pointing a gun at him. ‘Officer, it hasn’t gotten
to that na’, he said to the officer as he added more money
and stretched it to the officer.
‘I said shut up and come down here!!’, the officer
screamed up at him again. The attention of other
policemen were drawn to the screaming officer and the
occupants of the uncooperative vehicle. Some of them
quickly gathered around the trailer. The man didn’t have a
choice than to come down from the vehicle.
‘Go and open the back!’, the man screamed again at him.
He just looked at the officer pleadingly and said, ‘Officer,
abeg let’s resolve this quietly’. ‘Shut up and open the
back!’, the officer barked at him. Two officers came
around. The man dipped his hand into his pocket and the
three officers quickly leveled their guns against him. He
noticed the guns pointed at him and
slowly brought out a
He went to the back of the trailer and reluctantly unlocked
it. One of the police officers threw open the two doors and
looked inside. He saw some hungry looking eyes staring
at him and he screamed, ‘Holy shiiit!!!’….

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