TITLE: Accidental Victim – EPISODE: 9
Mr Daniel Ekanem was the DGSS of the State Security
Service in Lagos State. After the reshuffling of the entire
agency which was mired with corruption and nepotism by
the President of the country, he was promoted and
transferred from Calabar to head the Lagos State
Command due to his past exceptional achievements. He
had a very strong anti-terrorism stance and most persons
in the security community attributed the absence of
terrorism in the state to his spearheading of several crack-
downs on the various cells and sub-cells of the terrorists.
Mr Daniel just got home that night when he got a call from
his boss, Col. Kolawole Coker, the DG of the State Security
Service in the country.
“Hello sir”, he said when he received the call.
“Hello Mr. Daniel. How you doing?”
“I’m fine sir…”
“And your family?”
“They are fine sir… Sir, hope all is well? It’s quite late…”
“All is not well…”
“What’s the problem sir?”
“My niece has been kidnapped.”
“Jeez!! When did this happen?”
“It happened some hours ago…”
“Have the kidnappers made contact?”
“Yes, they have…”
“And have they made any demands yet?”
“They’ve not made any demands…”
“Could this be political or just for ransom?”
“I have no idea…”
“Have the police been involved?”
“About that, they’ve not been involved and I want it to
remain that way…”
“What do you want me to do sir?”
“Mr Daniel, I would appreciate it if this issue can be
resolved quickly and covertly by you and some of your
trusted boys. I would be flying to Lagos myself tomorrow
but I want you to look into the matter immediately and if
possible, resolve it before I arrive…”
“That’s no problem sir, we would get her back. But I would
need some background information about her. How do I
get it?”
“I’ll send my brother’s address to you right now. He would
be expecting you…”
“No problem sir…”I trust your discretion with regards to this…”
“There’s no problem sir, we would do our best…”
“Thank you very much… And please, get back my girl…”
“We would sir…”
Immediately Mr Daniel ended the call, he was sent the
office address of Chief Coker. He called two of his
lieutenants, briefed them of the situation and told them to
meet him at the office immediately.
Chief Coker could not go back home to his wife with the
news that their daughter had been kidnapped. He knew
she was struggling with her health as it was, so hearing
that kind of news could leave her worse off. He decided to
go straight to the office and not to his house.
About an hour later, Mr Daniel was ushered into Chief
Coker’s office. After briefly exchanging pleasantries, Mr
Daniel began requesting various details about Funmi, like
her recent photographs, who her friends were, what her
daily routine was like and various other important details.
Chief Coker was quite close his daughter so he was able
to provide most of those details, and her photograph on
his desk was what Mr Daniel asked to work with.
As he was still discussing with Chief Coker, a call came
through Chief Coker’s phone. It was from Funmi’s phone.
Chief Coker recalled that he was called earlier by the
kidnappers with that same phone and he informed Mr
Daniel about it.
‘Don’t pick the call yet’, Mr Daniel told him, ‘let it ring.’ ‘Are
you sure?’, Chief Coker asked him. He nodded. He quickly
called in his boys and they set up their GSM/CDMA
tracking boxes. It took them roughly 45seconds to do that
and by then, the phone had already begun ringing the
second time. Mr Daniel gave Chief Coker a nod to take the
“Hello”, Chief Coker said.
“I see you’ve brought in the calvary. Exactly what I
wanted you to do…”
“What are you talking about? I need to speak with my
daughter right now!”
“You know what I need Chief?

“What do you want?”
“Not what I want Chief, it’s what I need!”
“What do you need?”
“I need to speak with whoever’s charge there, ‘cos
obviously you are not…”
“I’m alone…”
**Ends call**
Mr Daniel swiftly dropped the headphone he used in
listening in on the conversation and called out to his boys,
‘Did we get him?’. They both shook their heads. ‘He didn’t
stay long enough on the line. He obviously knew we were
tracking the call and he is quite far from our present
location’, one of them said. ‘If you can keep him long
enough on the line, I can get his exact location even if he
later turns off the phone. I can even hack the phone and
set it on room monitoring mode, which in effect makes it a
listening bug. Unless of course the battery is taken off’,
the other said and adjusted his glasses.
‘Damn!!’, Mr Daniel swore, banging his closed fist on the
desk.Chief Coker was speechless. He just dropped the phone on
the desk, placed his elbow on the desk and placed his
palms on his face. He felt confused and frustrated. He
thought about how he was going to explain to his wife
what was going on. He was still having thoughts when his
phone began to ring again.
Everyone rustled and the lines were connected. Mr Daniel
gave Chief Coker a signal to take the call.
“Are you ready to do what I asked?”
Mr Daniel who had been listening in on the conversation,
spoke up.
“So what is it you want?”
“Who is this?”
“Let’s just say, someone who would make sure your
demands are met…”
“And what make you feel you can do that?”
“Look, you obviously have demands… Let’s hear them…”
“Fine!! I need an audience with the President!”
“What!! President of what?”
“Hahaha… I’m sure you are not that dumb. You’ll
definitely figure out what I’m talking about. Maybe I
should give you a motivation. A bomb would go off
tomorrow, another one next tomorrow, and another, till I
finally get his attention. You feel my drift?”
“What does kidnapping Chief Coker’s daughter have to do
with seeking an audience with the President?”
“Don’t worry, you’ll figure that out too… You have till 8am
tomorrow to grant my request, or the first bomb goes
“We are talking about the President of the country. We
can’t just get him to speak with you just like that…”
“I’m sure you would find a way around it…”
**Ends call**
Mr Daniel was stunned. He looked towards his boys and
one of them gave him a nod, indicating that they got the

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