TITLE: Accidental Victim – EPISODE: 8
Draco bucked and thrashed, but Damien just planted a
giant hand flat on the back of his skull and waited
patiently until he died.
When Damien noticed Draco had died, he came back to his
senses and he dropped him. Funmi sat down on the floor,
staring at Draco’s corpse with tears in her eyes while
Damien sat beside her panting and feeling frazzled. This
was the first time he killed anyone purposely, but he was
just numb about it. He had been in fights in the past where
he almost killed his attacker, but this was the first time he
actually went through with it. He was spent and slack
from the fight he just engaged in. He felt like he had used
up a lifetime of adrenaline supply in just these few
Some minutes later, he shook himself and
staggered to his feet. He went towards the iron door and
placed his ear close to it, listening for movements outside.
Everywhere was as silent as a grave yard.
He then wandered back towards Funmi and squatted in
front of her. He looked into her eyes and began buttoning
back her shirt, one button after the other, right to the top.
She was breathing heavily. Immediately he finished
buttoning up her shirt, she flung her arms over his neck
and held on tight. Her breathing sucked and blew against
his shirt. They held on to each other for a while and he felt
the carnage she just experienced gradually drain out of
She later let go of him and they sat side by side on the
floor, staring at Draco’s corpse for a while. Some
moments later, she turned to him, stared deep into his
eyes and asked in a trembling voice, ‘You’ve killed
someone before?’ Damien didn’t respond. He just looked
away. ‘Why did you kill him?’ she asked again. ‘He would
have killed us. Besides, I didn’t want him running out and
calling for back up’, Damien replied.
Funmi looked up and seem to be a little bit at ease with
the fact that Draco was dead, because if he wasn’t, she
might have been molested or both of them would have
been shot. Either ways, it was an unacceptable situation
for her.She turned towards Damien and when she saw that he
was looking directly at her, she quickly turned away and
asked, ‘Where did you learn to fight like this?’ ‘Long story’,
he replied, ‘besides, the kick you gave him shows you are
not a bad fighter yourself.’
“Yeah, I spent some holidays with my uncle. His boys
taught me some self defense moves. I guess it paid off…
So, who taught you how to fight?”
“I was in the NDA…”
“The Defense Academy?”
Damien nodded his head.
“Really?? So what happened?”
“It’s complicated…”
“Then ‘uncomplicate’ it for me…”
“Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about it, but first we have to do
something about this body. We can’t let them find it
“Or you don’t want to tell me about it?”
“It’s not that… I promise to tell you all about it, but right
now, we need to get rid of this body…”
“And how do we do that?”
“Don’t worry, I’ll think of something…”
Damien got up and went towards Draco’s corpse. He
picked up his gun, clicked off the magazine, realized he
had just seven shots left, clicked it back and then placed it
at the back of his trouser. He dragged Draco’s corpse
towards the back of the door and left it there.
Damien went back to Funmi and squatted in front of her,
placing his right hand on her shoulder. ‘Let me go and
have a look around, I’ll be right back. Ok?’, he said to her.
She nodded her head and said, ‘please don’t stay long.’ ‘I’ll
be right back, I promise’, he said back to her as he got up.
Damien went to the door, opened it silently and went
outside. He pulled out the Glock, pointing it in front of him
everywhere he turned to. He looked around and realized
everywhere was quiet and serene. He guessed Draco was
alone on sentry duty because he couldn’t find Striker, the
lady, the Leader or any other person roaming around.
He looked towards the sky and guessed the time to be
around past four or to five. He realized it’s been almost
16hours since they were abducted.
He went towards the uncompleted building close to the
storage and realized there was no one there. It was a
building with just two rooms. He wondered what they had
in mind when they built it. He realized there was no vehicle
in front either.
He found a car path beside the uncompleted building
leading to the back of the house and he followed it. After
walking a few paces, he saw three different bungalows
and one of them looked like where the Leader and the
others would be. He saw the van and a truck in front of it.
He decided against engaging them alone as he might not
stand a chance against them.
He went back towards the gate and noticed it was shut
but not locked. ‘It’s either these guys don’t know what
they are doing or they are completely silly’, he thought.
He opened the gate silently and went out. He felt the cool
night air around him, soft and boundless. He was free, but
he had no idea where he was. He walked for some
minutes, trying to locate the main road. He couldn’t
because bushes were all around him and he didn’t see
anyone passing by. He realized it could take several hours
before he could locate the road and he knew he couldn’t
leave Funmi behind. If he was to escape, they were to
escape together.
He turned back and began walking back to the compound.
After walking for several minutes he got to the gate. He
opened the gate silently just as he did when he got out. He
took a step inside, pointing a gun in front of him as he did,
but the sight he saw in front of him made him freeze.
‘Drop the gun!!’ the Leader screamed. He was holding
Funmi in front of him and pointing a gun directly at her
head. Damien was stunned, but he still pointed the gun at
the Leader.’Drop the gun or I’ll blow her brains off!!’, the Leader
barked again. Damien didn’t have a choice. He couldn’t
shoot at the Leader without endangering Funmi. He
couldn’t see Striker or the lady either. He raised up his
hand, slowly bent down and dropped the gun, got back up
and raised up his hand. Striker appeared in front of him,
pointing a gun at him and quickly kicked the gun away
from him.
Some seconds later, Damien heard a sound behind him
and he quickly turned his face to look at what it was, but
the last thing he saw was the Lady jamming the butt of a
gun to the side of his head. After that, he felt nothing…

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