TITLE: Accidental Victim – EPISODE: 7
Some hours later, when everyone was asleep, and
everywhere quiet, the iron door was opened. Draco walked
in and shut the door silently. Damien and Funmi were
already fast asleep, but immediately the door opened,
Damien woke up. He pretended he was still asleep while
he watched what Draco was up to.
Draco walked towards where Damien lay down to check if
he was asleep. Damien didn’t give any sign that he wasn’t,
but he realized from his peripheral vision that Draco was
holding a gun in his hand. He noticed it was the same
Glock he saw with him earlier in the day.
Draco walked towards Funmi and bent down while
watching her sleep. After several seconds, he transferred
the gun he was holding on his right hand to his left and
tried to fonndle Funmi’s boobs with his right hand. Damien
saw this and was shocked but he couldn’t make any move
because Draco was still handling the gun. He hoped Funmi
wouldn’t react, as that might make Draco let down his
guard and drop the gun.
Damien calculated the distance between him and Draco
and concluded it could take at least six long strides on his
feet to get to Draco, which could take him roughly four
seconds. He was very angry at the thought that Draco
could do such to his hostage and adrenaline was rapidly
building up in him.
His hope was dashed because immediately Draco’s hand
touched Funmi’s boobs, she jumped up in shock and
shouted, ‘What the hell do you think you are doing?!?’
‘Shut the fuuvck up biitch!’ Draco screamed back at her.
Damien couldn’t pretend he was asleep any longer. He
knew he couldn’t leave Funmi to face Draco alone.
“Hey you!!”, Damien called out at him, “Trust me, you don’t
want to do what I think you want to do…”
“Of course I freaking want to”, Draco said while waving his
gun at him.You don’t want to do that…”
“Or what would happen?! Huh?!? In case you haven’t
noticed, no one outside this room can hear us. So you just
might want to shut the fuuvck up and watch. I might even
let you join the party, you know…”
At this point, Damien was already fuming with rage. He
wished he could just rush at Draco and give him a punch
that would shatter his teeth. He knew he couldn’t do that
because Draco was still waving the gun at him.
Damien knew that the Glock could fire about 1,200 rounds
a minute, dumping a 30 round magazine in about 1.5
seconds and it would take less than two seconds for Draco
to take an aim and fire at him. At least that was how long
it would have taken him. But he needed at least three
seconds to get to him. Even a second is important when
someone is pointing a gun at you. Damien knew he had to
wait for an opportune moment before he struck.
Draco turned towards Funmi while still keeping an eye on
Damien. ‘So what do you have underneath those clothes?’
he asked her. Funmi didn’t respond but looked at him with
disgust. Draco pulled the safety of the gun and pointed it
at Damien. ‘Let me rephrase’, he asked again, ‘You want
to show me what’s underneath those clothes?!?’
Funmi was terrified. She was shuttling looks between
Damien, the gun and Draco. She didn’t respond, so Draco
gave her a slap with the back of his palm and that sent her
sprawling on the floor. ‘Get up biitch!!!’ he screamed at
She got up slowly and stood before him with tears in her
eyes. ‘Now take off your clothes!’ he commanded her.
Tears were dropping down Funmi’s eyes. She looked at
Damien and he gave her a nod that meant she should do
as she was told. He was so angry that Draco hit her and
he didn’t want her hurt any further.
She was putting on a sky blue flannel shirt with black
skinny jeans. Damien looked on as she unbuttoned the
shirt slowly, one after the other. Six buttons in all. As the
last button came off, she put her hands down and the
inner parts of her boobs, well packed in her lacy bra with
her trimmed tummy was on full display. The 60watts bulb
directly overhead her did little to conceal any of her
delectable features.
‘Well, well, well… What do we have here?’ Draco said
while smirking his lips. He was fully engrossed in feeding
his eyes on her. Damien sat there, waiting for the perfect
moment to pounce on him.
That moment came sooner than he expected because
immediately Draco came close to Funmi and tried to use
his free hand to remove the strap of her bra, she hit him
hard on his balls with her knee and kicked the gun off his
hands.Damien was stunned that she could pull off that move, but
the adrenaline pent-up in his system made him swarm up
to his feet, and hurl himself into Draco like a juggernaut.
He seized Draco by the arm and threw him against the
wall. Draco smashed into it and hung like a broken doll.
He staggered forward and Damien gave him a kick in the
stomach which made him sprawl on the floor.
Draco staggered up and tried giving Damien a Roundhouse
kick, but he dodged and Draco stumbled away. Damien
followed him and jammed his face into the wall several
times, put his right hand around his neck and leaned on
him until he suffocated.
Draco bucked and thrashed, but Damien just planted a
giant hand flat on the back of his skull and waited
patiently until he died…

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