TITLE: Accidental Victim – EPISODE: 6
‘Are you alright?’, Damien asked from beneath her. ‘I’m
fine. Thank you’, she replied.
“I shouldn’t have allowed you do that… I’m sorry…”
“No it’s fine…”
“Hope you are not hurt?”
“No, I’m not… Are you?”
Damien tried getting up. He felt some pain on his back. ‘I’ll
live’, he said. Funmi saw the way he contorted his face
and realized he was in pains. ‘Let me see your back’, she
said. ‘Don’t worry, I’ll be fine’ he replied. ‘I insist’, she shot
back at him.
She went behind him and raised his shirt a little bit. Even in
the dim light, the sight she saw was shocking. She saw
some scars and she couldn’t help but ask him.
“What happened to you?”
“Your back… These scars…”
“Oh, that? Don’t worry, it’s nothing… In fact, I’m fine… We
need to find a way to get out of here…”
“You are kidding, right?”
“Can one fit through that opening?”
“Yeah, I guess…”
“How far is it down?”
“It’s almost the same…”
“That’s ok…”
Damien stretched his back and the pain he felt subsided.
He looked around and wondered how they going to go
through that hole.He formulated three possible scenarios in his head. First.
They repeat the same stance they did earlier, but this
time, she climbs first and she uses his shirt as a cord to
pull him up. But there was a problem with this plan. She
might not be strong enough to pull him up. Plan 2. They
reverse the stance, with her lifting him on her shoulders
with him later pulling her up. This also was faulty. She
wasn’t strong enough to carry out her task in either of the
plans. Plan 3. He uses each of their clothing to form a
cord to hold on to the opening close to the ceiling. This
was the least likely to work because of the material of the
clothing they were putting on. By Damien’s calculations, it
couldn’t support both their weights. With the last option,
only one person could go.
Damien was in a dilemma. He tried explaining his
thoughts to Funmi. ‘Don’t worry, go. I’ll be fine’, she said
to him. Damien shook his head.
“Just go, you would be able to get help…”
“I can’t just leave you here. If I leave, they might torture
“Even if they torture me, you would come back with help,
“I would, definitely. But they wouldn’t stay when they know
their location has being compromised… And then
something bad might happen to you… I wouldn’t want
“Just go, I’ll take the risk…”
“No, I’m sorry I can’t…”
They were still debating whether Damien should escape
without Funmi when they suddenly heard the sound of the
van drive into the compound.
Damien quickly went towards Funmi and asked her to sit
down. He tied back her hands, but not as tight as it was
previously. He sat at a corner and placed the ropes on his
hands, giving the impression that it was still tied.
After several minutes, they heard the door being unlocked
from outside and three men with masks over their faces
walked in….On the flight back to Lagos, Chief Coker didn’t utter a
word. He was so lost in thought about all that was going
on. He wondered who could be behind the kidnapping of
his only daughter. It’s been almost 10hours since she was
kidnapped. He wondered how much they would demand
for as a ransom and why they haven’t called him back
already to make their demands.
‘Chief, are you ok?’, Bala asked. ‘Don’t worry about me,
I’m fine. I’m just wondering why they haven’t called yet’,
Chief Coker replied.
“Are you sure you wouldn’t want me to contact some of
my colleagues?”
“I told you what the man on the phone said no police
“But Chief, we can’t resolve this on our own. We need to
involve the police at least…”
“Don’t worry I’ll make some calls when we land…”
“That’s better sir…”
Immediately they deplaned, Chief Coker called his elder
brother, Col. Kolawole Coker, who was the DG of the State
Security Service in the country.
“Hello…”, Col. Coker said immediately he received the call.
“Hello sir…”
“Dare, how are you?”
“I’m ok sir…”
“And how’s the family?”
“There’s an issue sir…”
“What’s happening?!”
“It’s Funmi. She has been kidnapped…”
“Wharrrt!!! When?!”
“It was earlier today… I was just called about two hours
“And why didn’t you inform me immediately?!”
“I was confused. I didn’t think about it…”
“How much did they demand for?!”
“They’ve not made any demands…”
“So what do they want?!”
“I have no idea…”
“Have you informed the police?
“They asked me not to, else they’ll kill her…”
“That’s bullshiit… Where are you now?!”
“I just got to Lagos now… I’m still at the airport.”
“Ok, just relax… We would find her. I would put a call
through to the DGSS in Lagos state and he would handle
“But shouldn’t we just wait for them to make demands for
a ransom and pay it?”
“Don’t worry, I’ll call him and he would be on ground to
handle the situation…”
“Ok sir…”
“I’ll call you later…”
“Alright sir…”
Several miles away, Damien and Funmi watched as three
men with masks walked into the room where they were
being held. They looked at them for some seconds and
left without uttering a word.
Damien wondered who they were, but from their attire, he
felt they could be business men of some sort. One of them
was putting a black kaftan, while the other two were
putting on blazers.
Damien and Funmi were once again left alone in the room.
His stomach was already rumbling like he hadn’t eaten for
one week. Funmi just lay on the bare ground, obviously
very weak.
Some minutes later, Draco opened the door and walked in
with a loaf of bread, a tin of sardine and two bottles of
water. He divided the loaf of bread into two and gave the
smaller part to Damien and threw him a bottle of water. He
opened the sardine can halfway and placed it in front of
Funmi. ‘Please eat’, he said while looking at her
surreptitiously. Some seconds later, he left for the door
and before he opened it, he looked back at her again and
blew a kiss at her.
Damien looked on at the scene taking place before him but
he pretended he didn’t notice him. ‘What’s wrong with that
one?’, Funmi asked when she heard the door shut from
“What did he do?”, Damien asked her.
“Didn’t you see what he was doing?”
“Maybe he likes you…”, Damien said with a slight smile on
his face.
“Like who?? Please don’t let me puke out my intestines…
I’m famished already as it is, and this is what they give
“Just manage it… At least you have a tin of sardine…”
“Don’t worry, we would share it…”
Funmi took some pieces of fish from the can and pushed
the rest to Damien. She couldn’t finish her bread, so she
gave the rest to him too. Damien ate, and the pangs of
hunger he felt was reduced.
Both of them began talking about life and their past
experiences till they fell asleep.
Some hours later when everyone was asleep, the iron door
was opened and Draco walked in……

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