TITLE: Accidental Victim – EPISODE: 5
“Hello Funmi where have you been??! Your mum has been
worried sick? Why didn’t you call earlier??”
“Funmi, are you there?”
“Is this Chief Coker?”
“Who is this?! Where is my daughter? What have you done
with her?”, Chief Coker screamed into the phone.
“One question at a time Chief…”
“Where is my daughter?!”
“Let’s just say you are in a complicated mix right now. Be
informed that we would temporarily be taking care of your
daughter henceforth pending when you meet our demands
and if you involve the police, you would get back your
daughter, but in pieces…”
“Demands?! Who are you?? What do you want?”
“Don’t be in a rush chief, you would get to know that
“Hello! Hello!!”, Chief Coker called out, but the line was
already disconnected.
Chief Coker sat up on the bed. He was obviously tensed
and his hands were shaking so much that his phone fell off
from his hand.
‘Chief!! Chief, what is it?!’ Amaka screamed. Chief Coker
didn’t seem to hear her. It appeared he was in a trance.
Amaka shook him, but he didn’t respond. She didn’t know
what else she could do than to scream, ‘Bala!! Bala!!’
Bala was Chief Coker’s Chief Security Officer. He was in
charge of Chief Coker’s personal security, so he was
usually close to him. Bala opened the door to the suite
and ran in.
‘What is it?! What is it?!’, Bala asked, obviously confused
with the way he was summoned. ‘It’s Chief!!’, Amaka
replied pointing towards Chief Coker.
Bala looked towards him and noticed he wasn’t saying
anything. He appeared to still be in a trance. He shook
him, calling his name ‘Chief! Chief!!’
“I’m fine… I’m ok”, Chief Coker replied, pulling down
Bala’s hand.
“Chief, what is it? Are you ok?”
“It’s Funmi…”, Chief Coker replied, shaking his head.
“What happened to her? Is she ill?”
“She’s been kidnapped…”
‘Ha!!!’ ‘Ukandu!!!’, Bala and Amaka screamed
“When did this happen?”, Bala asked.
“I was just called now by the kidnappers with her phone.”
“Then we have to call the police…”
“They said if the police is involved, then we would get her
back in pieces…”
“But sir, we can’t just sit and do nothing. What did they
“They didn’t say… He said he would call back…”
“Chief, hold on let me make some calls…”
“Bala, don’t!”
“But Chief… We can’t just sit here and do nothing…”
“We are not… Call the pilot, we leave for Lagos
“Ok sir!”
Damien looked around him, shook his head and said to
himself, ‘Indeed, welcome to storage!’
He looked back at the shut iron door and realized it could
only be opened from outside. He looked back into the
large room and realized they were in what looked like an
abandoned poultry. The nests were still there and poop
from the last batch of chickens reared there had already
dried up, giving off a very unpleasant odor.
Damien tried once again to wriggle out of the rope with
which he was tied. He knew he just had to dislocate some
bones in his wrists if it was going to be possible.
‘Crraccck’ ‘Crrraccck’ and a silent scream from Damien
was what Funmi heard that brought her back to her
She looked on in shock at Damien as he pulled the rope off
his hand and twisted his wrists back in place. He was
obviously in pain, but some seconds later, the pain
subsided. It was apparent that it wasn’t the first time he
tried that move.
He went towards Funmi and she tried to move away from
him, scared about what she just saw. ‘Relax, let me get
this for you’, he said. He went behind her, and loosened
the rope.
Funmi brought both her hands before her and tried to
check if she had marks on them. Visibility was low and
she couldn’t see much, so she just felt for bruises. Her
hand ached her because she had been tied for several
hours now. She wondered what her mum would be going
through now or what her father would be doing to rescue
her. She knew her father would do everything humanly
possible to save her. That was the kind of person her
father was. ‘But what if they don’t find us on time?’ She
She was brought back to her senses when she heard
Damien’s voice.
“How are you feeling now?”, he asked her. She was silent.
Damien looked towards her and realized tears were
dripping down her eyes. He went towards her and gave
her a warm embrace whispering comforting words into
her ears. She held on to him like her life depended on it,
while Damien began imagining moves he would have
made on her after hugging her if they were in a different
The sound of the ignition of the van brought both of them
back to their senses. They were startled. Damien looked
towards her and saw that tears were no more dropping
from her eyes.
They quickly disentangled and Damien looked around
trying to find a way to see what was happening outside.
He saw an opening up towards the ceiling that was
barricaded with an iron net that provided a view outside.
The ceiling was about 14feet above ground level. Damien
quickly made some calculations in his head, factoring in
his height which was about 6feet and Funmi’s height
which was about 5.8feet. He realized he needed
something to raise him up to about 3feet, before he
carried Funmi on his shoulder, providing them a view of
what was happening outside.
He looked around him and saw some iron buckets with
lids on them. He stacked one on another and shook it to
know if it could hold their combined weights. It felt like it
could hold and he moved it towards where they were to
climb. All the while, Funmi stood watching him wondering
what he was trying to do. ‘Come here’, he said to her. He
quickly explained what they were going to do. She told him
she was scared and he tried to allay her fears.
He climbed on the stacked buckets and he placed his palm
down for her to climb on. She hesitated for some seconds
but he gave her a face sign that said, ‘be fast, time is not
on our side’. She understood and quickly climbed on his
palm. He raised her up and some seconds later she was
standing on his shoulder with her face directly in front of
the opening. She was shaking slightly, but he steadied
“Can you see anything?”, he asked her in whispers.
“It’s like they want to go out…”
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah… The driver is already on his sit and the leader. The
other big guy is walking towards the van now with a
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah… He just put the gallon at the back now and went
to the front seat. They are about leaving now…”
“What of the lady?”
“I’m not sure she’s in the van…”
“Check well…”
“She’s not in the van… Oh, she walking towards the gate
now… It’s like she wants to open the gate…”
“Ok… May be they want to go and get supplies…”
“Maybe… She’s just opened the gate now and they are
driving out… She didn’t go with them…”
“That’s ok… Can you feel the iron net up there?”
“Yeah, let me check it…”
Funmi felt the net and realized there was a lapse in their
security. The net was just placed there like an illusion. It
was not reinforced in the wall. Perhaps the kidnappers
didn’t capitalize on the fact that anyone could get that high
to check it. Funmi tried pulling it off the wall. She realized
it was a little bit stuck. She forcefully pulled it and it came
off but with her staggering due to the amount of force she
used. Damien realized this and he quickly fell first to the
ground after which Funmi fell on him, cushioning her fall…

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