TITLE: Accidental Victim – EPISODE: 3 & 4
‘Eniola!’, Mrs Coker called out. Eniola came running from
the kitchen to attend to Mrs Coker’s call in the sitting
Mrs Coker had been suffering from acute arthritis for the
past three years which seriously affected her mobility.
She was mostly indoors except on special occasions.
Eniola was her younger sister’s daughter who had studied
Nursing in the university. After graduation, she spent
almost a year working in the hospital where her aunt was
later hospitalized when she became sick. Thereafter, she
was employed by her aunt’s husband, Chief Coker, to take
care of his wife exclusively after her initial return from the
hospital. Eniola became a kinda aide to Mrs Coker and
they became very close. They were related, so that made
things easier for her and she was paid even better than
her other friends that worked in big hospitals. She didn’t
have to worry about feeding or accommodation as those
necessities were provided for her.
There were two maids in the house, but since Mrs Coker
trusted and always confided in Eniola, when ever she
needed anything, she always called on her.
‘Yes ma’, Eniola replied as she got to the sitting room. ‘Is
Funmi back?’, Mrs Coker asked her.
“No ma, she’s not back…”
“But she left since morning.”
“That’s true, but she’s not yet back ma.”
“What could be delaying her?”
“I have no idea ma. You should call her to find out where
she is…”
“Please help me bring my phone from my room.”
“Yes ma…”
Eniola brought the phone to her and she dialed Funmi’s
number and the response she got was, ‘the number you
have dialed is currently switched off, please try again
later. Thank you.’
“Switched off? Funmi never switches off her phone,
what’s happening?”, Mrs Coker asked.
“Mummy, call her again.”
She dialed Funmi’s number again and got the same
response. She was getting tensed. She asked Eniola if she
had Bisola’s (Funmi’s friend) number. Eniola didn’t have it.
It was already 9pm. Mrs Coker was visibly tensed and
frustrated. There was still no word from Funmi. She tried
calling her number several times with the hope that the
call would miraculously go through. It was to no avail. She
went with Eniola to Funmi’s room to see if she could get
any of her friend’s number to call, perhaps she was with
them. She couldn’t find any. ‘This is so unlike Funmi’, she
thought. She decided to call her husband, Chief Coker…
‘Chief, Chief, please I need that money I asked for
urgently. I’ve requested for it for several weeks now but
you’ve refused to give it to me. It’s is not fair’, Chiamaka
was saying to Chief Coker as she stroked his beards while
both of them lay on the bed in his private suite at Abuja.
Chiamaka had worked as a receptionist in one of Chief
Coker’s companies. When he visited that branch, he loved
her immediately he saw her. She looked very pretty and
sophisticated. Initially they were just friends, but since his
wife became ill and house bound, he sort to satisfy his
sexual urges with her.
He didn’t want to marry a second wife even when his wife
suggested he did so. He loved his wife so much because
she was there with him when he had nothing. In fact, she
was the foundation of all that he stood for. Due to the
respect he had for her, he vowed never to marry a second
wife. Irrespective of that, he still had urges to satisfy, and
he did so discreetly with Chiamaka. She did all she could
to get him to marry her but he refused vehemently
because of his wife. Since he made her comfortable and
provided for all her needs and made her lack for nothing,
she still continued being his mistress.
That night, Chief Coker was very tired. He had presided
over different meetings with stake holders and attended
several others with some government functionaries. He
just needed a massage and some soothing words, not
someone to nag on him like Chiamaka was doing.
She had asked for N15million from him 3weeks ago. She
said she wanted to use it to set up a beauty palour. The
boutique he spent lots money to set up for her was a flop.
She obviously wasn’t good in managing a business. He
knew that, that was why he was reluctant in giving her the
money to set up the beauty palour.
‘Amaka, calm down’, Chief Coker was saying to her, ‘I told
you I would give you the money. I’m working on the
“Chief, which modalities? I know you. If you wanted to
give me this money, you would have given it to me since.”
“So you are saying I’m lying?”
“Chief, it’s not like that…”
“Then it’s like what?!”, Chief Coker shot back at her,
getting infuriated now.
“Chief, you know I get bored when you leave me and go
for all this your meetings. That’s why I want to keep
myself busy.”
“Is there anything you need I don’t provide for?!”
“Chief I know… You are the most caring and loving man
I’ve ever known. It’s just the boredom when you are not
around. If I could go with you to your meetings, it would
have been better.”
“You know that’s not possible.”
“It’s not possible or you don’t want me to.”
“It’s still the same thing. Don’t worry, next week you would
get the money.”
“Awww, thank you so much Chief. You are a darling… I
love you so much…”
Chiamaka showered Chief Coker with praises as she
stroked him sensually. He was no more listening to her as
he was lost in thoughts.
He was brought back to his senses as heard his phone
ring. It was his wife.
“Hello my wife”
“Good evening sir…”
“Good evening… How are you my dear…”
“We bless God… Please, did Funmi call you?”
“Yes, we talked in the morning… Hope there’s no
“She went out since morning and she’s not yet back… I
called her phone and it’s been switched off…”
“What could be happening? Where did she say she was
going to?”
“She said she was going to visit her friend Bisola…”
“Have you called Bisola?”
“I couldn’t find her number…”
“This is serious… You know what? Don’t worry about it,
I’ll make some calls now and get in touch with her. She
probably just lost track of time.”
“No problem… Hope you are fine…”
“Yes, I’m fine… Thank you very much.”
“Goodbye sir…”
“Goodbye dear…”
Chief Coker sat up on the bed and dialed Funmi’s number.
It was switched off just as his wife had said. He was
confused. He looked up at the clock at the corner of the
wall. It was some minutes to 10pm. Funmi never stayed
out that late, and even when she did she always called
home. This was strange. He tried calling the number again
and he got the same response.
“Chief, hope all is well”, Amaka asked.
“It’s my daughter Funmi, she’s missing…”
“Missing how?”
“She went out since morning and she’s not yet back. Her
phone is not going through either…”
“This is serious…”
Chief Coker began contemplating on who to call. He
decided to call the Inspector General of Police. Just then,
his phone began ringing. Funmi was calling…

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