TITLE: Accidental Victim – EPISODE: 2




Damien woke up later when he began feeling a poke at his


side. He didn’t know for how long he had been out, but he


knew they were still on a highway, because the van was


still moving very fast.


The gang members that were with them at the back of the


van were no more there. He and the lady were alone at the


back of the van.


Damien realized the hood had been taken off, but he was


still tied to the lady. The poke he felt was from the lady he


was kidnapped with. She was trying to find out if he was


awake yet. Obviously she woke up before he did.


He tried to wriggle out of the rope but realized the


kidnappers did a good job in tying them. He still didn’t


know for how long he was out. He wondered what was


injected in him that induced such an effect. ‘Diazepam?’,


he thought.


He still didn’t have any idea who the lady was, but he


knew if there was going to be any rescue operation, it


would be centered on her because no one might notice he


was missing until it was too late. He had just moved to a


new apartment before he began job hunting and he had


not full acquainted himself with his neighbors.


He held the lady’s hand as if to comfort her. He didn’t


even know her name and was sure she didn’t know his




At first both of them didn’t speak. They just sat there in


stunned silence, with him thinking about what was to


happen to them or what he could do.


He tried analyzing the situation in his head. She was


definitely the daughter of an important person in the


society. But who? He didn’t know.


He tried analyzing the kidnappers. The lady in the gang


acted like she was the girlfriend or wife of the leader who


was the smallest in the group. The leader didn’t handle


any weapon himself, and he looked like he was very good


with his fists in fighting. The other gang member who was


the biggest among the group was obviously their


executioner or ‘Striker’ as he heard the leader call him. He


didn’t see the driver so he couldn’t analyze him. All


together, they were a 4-member gang. If there were


others, he didn’t know about them.


He was still having those thoughts in his head when he


heard her say, ‘I’m Funmilayo Coker’, while squeezing his


hands as if to give him a hand shake, ‘Nice meeting you’.


He was shocked when he heard the name ‘Coker’. The


‘Coker’ family were a very important family in the country.


So his analysis were partly correct. She was indeed the


daughter of an important man because he had heard that


name often in the news.


Col. Kolawole Coker was the Director-General of the SSS


in the country who was recently appointed by the


President. The sudden resignation of the former DG raised


eyebrows due to the several allegations laid against him.


But all of a sudden, the news died totally. No one talked


about the issue anymore.


‘Are you by any chance related to Col. Kolawole Coker?’


he asked her. She said, ‘He is my uncle actually. My father


is his younger brother.’ ‘Oh, so your father would be the


C.E.O of C.O.D Group?’, he asked again. She nodded her




Chief Oluwadamilare Coker, Funmilayo’s father, was the


Chairman/CEO of the C.O.D Group. The company had


investments in Banking, FMCG and the oil sector. They


were indeed a rich family.


Damien knew this was definitely a kidnapping for ransom.


But how much would the kidnappers demand? He didn’t


know. Would they demand a ransom for him, or would


they just let him go? He didn’t know that either. All he


knew was that he just had to recall his skills and


experiences if he was to survive this ordeal.


‘My name is Damien Abbah’, he said with a slight chuckle,


‘I definitely wished we were in a better situation, but it


good to meet you too.’


“Yeah, I wish we were in a better situation…”


“So, how long till you are missed?”


“Two hours, maybe more… I was to visit my friend and my


mum asked me to get some groceries for her on my way


back. My friend told me she went out and was on her way


back home, so I decided to get the groceries first. That

was when we met. If she doesn’t see me, she might think

I changed my mind on visiting her. So until my mum

decides I’ve stayed out too late and calls my phone which

is already switched off, I’m on my own…


“So how long till anyone notices you are missing?”

“Two days, maybe more…”

“Huh?! Why?”

“I just moved to a new apartment, and I’ve not familiarized

myself with my neighbors so I mostly keep to myself.

They wouldn’t notice, trust me…”

“This is serious…”

“Yeah, very serious…”

They talked about other things, using the time to get

acquainted with each other. She told him she just came

back from Canada where she completed her studies and

was to join her father in the family business. He told her

he was job hunting as he had just completed his youth


They were still talking when they felt the van slow down

and begin to take a bumpy road. After several minutes, the

van stopped and the door was opened…

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