TITLE: Accidental Victim – EPISODE: 10
SSS Lagos State Command (6:00am)
‘Let’s move it boys!’, Mr Daniel screamed as he gave the
final instructions for the invasion of the hide-out of the
kidnappers. It had been narrowed by the tech guys to an
abandoned farm.
Immediately Mr Daniel left Chief Coker’s office the
previous night, he called his boss, Col. Kolawole Coker and
related to him all that happened. Col. Coker said he would
be in Lagos first thing in the morning. He told him to
invade the hide-out, tear the place down and make sure
his niece was brought back alive.
About an hour later, Mr Daniel called up the task force
when they got to the farm and gave them their final
instructions. They were to use non-lethal force and
retrieve the hostage alive. The others were to be brought in
dead or alive.
‘TL2 to home base. Do you read me?’, the Team Leader
called out as they got to the farm. ‘Loud and Clear!’, Mr
Daniel replied back at the office. ‘Approaching the main
gate…’, the Team Leader called out again as he began
giving live updates of the operation. He gave hand signals
as to how each of the team members were to go about the
incursion. Standard Operating Procedure.
‘Main gate breached…’ the Team Leader called out into
his headgear as they went into the compound. The task
force members swiftly spread into the compound breaking
down doors and hitting barricades. Within few minutes,
the whole compound was taken over without a single gun
‘There’s no one here sir!’, the Team Leader called out.
‘What do you mean there’s no one here?’, Mr Daniel asked
him. ‘They’ve obviously closed shop and moved sir’, he
replied. ‘Scour the whole area for evidence to indicate
where they could have gone’, Mr Daniel instructed. ‘Yes
sir!’, the Team Leader replied.
Mr Daniel slumped in the chair in his office thinking about
all that transpired the previous night up till that very
moment. He was very tired as he hasn’t slept for more
than 24hours. He was drifting into sleep when his eyes
caught the news bulletin on the television before him.
‘Breaking News: Bomb Blast At Bus Park – Kills 35, injured
others… Details coming soon’…
During forensic analysis of a crime scene, three
parameters of evidences are usually examined. The first
parameter is the visible print, which is a transfer of
material from the shoe or tire of vehicle used, to the
surface. The second is the plastic print, which is a three-
dimensional impression left on a soft surface, while the
third is the latent print which is not readily available to the
Unclad eye. Forensic analysts use chemicals, powders or
alternate light sources to find these prints.
When the forensic team arrived at the farm, they quickly
set to work obtaining fingerprints, shoe prints and tire
tread prints. The shoe prints were quite difficult to obtain
because the whole place had been run over by the task
force officers that invaded the farm. The piece of evidence
that were readily available were the tire tread prints.
There were tire tread prints of about four different vehicles
present around the farm, but most of them had partial
prints. The most noteworthy of them all was the one with
the most impression. It looked like it was the last to leave
the farm. After the forensic analysts analyzed the grooves,
the tread depth, the tread pattern and the thread width of
the tire marks, they inferred that it belonged to a cargo
truck.It’s like the one used in transporting cattle or foodstuff
from the Northern part of the country’, one of the analyst
explained to the Team Leader. ‘Are you sure about this?’,
he asked. ‘Positive!’, the analyst replied.
Mr Daniel was still stunned at the breaking news he was
watching on the television when his secretary brought him
the phone. It was the Team Leader calling in. He briefed
him on all the information they had from the on-site
analysis of the evidence found on the farm. He was
instructed to continue scouring for evidence and to look
for clues as to where they might have moved to.
Mr Daniel was still on the phone when Col. Coker and his
aide were ushered into the office by his secretary…..
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