Emerald in beauty

She was filled with love as she grows pretty

Her soft words let them be in curiosity

Thy beauty is like that of fragrance love

Behold!Thy beauty scented gloaming moon above

Oh!My emerald love.


Emerald! Alluring comely Emerald! From far is your virtue cried and herald.

A salient fix of womb ever heard, whose corollaries radiate in a barren womb.

A physician in a labour room

whose aura poise snap a barren doom.


Singled out among stones

The owner of beauty throne

endowed with ornate

protecting comeliness

Raining love heavily

Reason for alluring

we hope for its presence..


I am the best

To tell how precious you are

Many know you as only stone

But you heel

Sometimes I lick

And sometimes I rub

Then all my aches and pains will run away


If night never obscure the glinting lamp

If the jungle was not hundreds of miles

Only if she had paid her ears unto the *abiyamos*

Perchance, *Pokuwaa’s* claws might cross Nile

Who knows ? Her fangs might dig ridges,dry or damp;

In search of yet the alluring and most hunted, Emerald


Your tales in decades live.

The pride of motherhood in you relief.

Men envy you like tree of olive.

Any sterile arid land?

Come behold the saviour’s hand

In Emerald ‘s lacuna redemption plan


For decades of barrenness,

Emerald!A mystery behold thy womb in the darkness,

Emerald!thou should have put thy ears to obscure the mournfulness,

In a village filled in with gloom,

When the ancestors was rise from the tomb

with an incantation,Emerald barren womb.


You are a fertilizer

In the belly of many mothers

Those who are not blessed with bearings

Those mothers cry not again

The precious is what they tie

Round their waist


Knock at my unbolted door,tonight thou !

That *Atinuke* might wash legs in frozen calabash-

Seek refuge in my chamber,that I become a cradle singer,

If *Omowunmi* shall come with me,we shall climb hillocks where *Iyunloye’s* head was bashed-

In search of the pride of mothers retold in ages,ye emerald;

Pleading eyes,that this lacuna might return filled-


The superficial originality

Speaking joy at its peak with no falsity

it’s in you, making pen bleed

Tonight my muse was slow

Emerald turning the tap on

I blend ink with the giants to make impact

Emerald of possibility.




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