Get my timber boot on

Set grenade around me

protecting what I cherish

Shawty I take a bullet for my people

To gun their enemies down

no negotiation am gunning them down

Bam, Bam, Bam, beat the drum of war






From this end I herald war,

So Make ill what I love!

It is she that gave birth to me

And faces we share blood with

You will not see the day as time flies

If you strike them

For the war will be fought at night.





I have learnt from THE sacred heart,

whose pride resides on heaven and earth..

I have paid pain to retreat

so my body to form strong gong beat.

The pots that cook for love are cold diabolical alerts on the wall so bold.

A taste of blood to maim the just should i fold arms and watch all lost?





It is booming and tangling in my head,

The urge to forfend with bow and arrow

And fight for you with my croaked and weakened marrow.

They tell you sweet poisoned words

i die for you instead.

Tell them! i shall use you to re nascent the world

And use your nib to vanquish the sword.

Tell them! You have a faithful and muse master

That flaunts your ink to the sword weilder.





Murmuring everywhere,

A bullet pierced through their heart

and i fight with my last breath,

Tell them!the man of war is here,

A war without end,

A war without fear,

We are ready to face our enemies

Just to protect our love ones.





I shall play on words with you,

Am I allowed to say them aloud?

Or to piece others for your peace,

And pray as I eat up your prey.

What profit is lying is for a prophet

Or saying bad falsified words for a bard.

I shall protect you with my last flinch of air

Just to spray your GOD sent scent; my bleeding pen





My pen is mightier than the sword,

I am the love guard and guardian.

that protect our territory

I won’t spare even a fly,

Invading them with our words

faster than bullets,

Blood flowed as my pen

Keep bleeding.





And when *Gbonka* whistle poisoned bows

Spearheaded,my chest shall besiege your robe

When the moon breaks,I shall feast on my vows

To push forth my wheels to the doors of *Adaniwaye*

Not even the enigmas and *ewele* can tie down my feet

For if the oculus and sap ever meet,

Its beauty shall forever be carried away in kobe

Grant me today,that she might breath a night in *aye*





You’ve tested my patience, it’s payback day

No one will I spare in your territory

Strike your land severely

kill the enemy show no clemency,

Taking what belong to us by force

invading their camp give them a run

scary blood face pierce with my sword

let the war begin!





And when on stallions they come,in mask of Turks

By your threshold,my iris shall eternally lurk

For this love shall not be drained in *osin* dune

And if this chants ever brings life on its trip,

I shall sing this calling for centuries in tune

And if ever your royal blood drips,

I shall be the immortal shadow in cloak-

Fighting your passage into the temple,in croaks..





It was born in my heart

To love, love and love

It was told to me,

That to love,

Is better than to live

I can bleed,

To defend that love

I can sacrifice all my life,

Not to see it die





Love! The worth of world’s treasure, From touch of love, victory is sure. So i stand like seraphic Angel at Eden

with two edged sword etched amen.

To protect the interest of all “LOVE” to take away vile and scary touches involve.

Giving myself away for everything. For love does not cause a thing.



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Author: Judaisky

Judaisky is a young writer who believes the world can only be saved PEACEFULLY through the tidings of the ink cos the pen is mightier than the sword. Do You want to know more about me, contact me 09039956005


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