Life’s race continues with the journey of another,
Into the world that will woo us into an order.
The race of life is not for the swift,
But for the fit.
Adventure into the foundation of knowledge,
Directed to the garden of success on the edge.
Don’t go without making a clear mark,
Unfold the wonders with just a spark.


_Soho_ to the journeyers.
The task ahead is full of reward
No one is left out in the field
This letter about the journey is verisimilitude,
Overlook the previous journey it’s crassitude.
The one ahead is blazing ranting in its fun wave, cloudy our minds in its ways
We don’t know what the future brings, our comrades are weak
Who will guide us through the journey of 52 weeks?.


Here they are,
The world was in race
And all the souls was in chase,
Looking how they will be ahead
Not knowing the journey fled.
They all are rumbling
As they groans like an old man.


Gifted hands,fecund and prolific dexterity
Are ready for the journey.
The enigma and poser of posperity,
I am ready with all brimful porbity
To take in the horn no ostensible alibi.
My mind is absolutely set and ready
To set off as time flies steadily.
All for the betterment of my will


Cheers! to the freaky weekends of the journey
To brand a friendship unknown, an inherent to condone.
The voyage is far beyond imagination
Starting the journey with great potential to be influential
Peaceful and generous habitual no room for being martial
planning and setting things from the base
old memories will discard.


Its wise my heart is fixed
And look above my roof mixed
with satire, farce and charade taste. The taste of mediocrity i refused,
And for this course, i am grant to fix
All my penchant flaw betwixt
The past and the present context.
For the journey ahead and rest.


Don’t wait till next generation mocks you
Don’t stand aloof with unconcerned look.
Time for the star in you to act
Let the nature feel your impact.
Like the shaft of moon light
Glided down domes of taffeta for the night.
Arise!disregard the circumstances of recession
Arise!call for corruption’s extinction.


Life was all about hope,
They all are afraid
As if they are invade,
They are ready as the journey leads them
To the other world.
Life wasn’t a game,for them to play
Like a chess
But remember life is a race
And let the journey start now.


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Author: Judaisky

Judaisky is a young writer who believes the world can only be saved PEACEFULLY through the tidings of the ink cos the pen is mightier than the sword. Do You want to know more about me, contact me 09039956005

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