TITLE: Accidental Victim – EPISODE: 1

Damien sat on the floor of the black van with his hands

tied behind his back. He knew he was in a van and he

knew the color because he saw it before a hood was

thrown over his face.

Only some minutes ago, he was walking around the streets

of Lagos with a folder containing his documents in his

hand, looking for a job. He had repeated the same routine

for several weeks now since he completed his service to

the country without any breakthrough.

He was passing by an electric pole when he saw what

looked like an advertisement of a vacancy posted on it.

He stopped to look and realized it was for a marketing job.

He studied Chemistry in the University so he felt the

advertised job was not in line with what he studied. ‘Let’s

give it a try’, he told himself.

He brought out his phone and called the number on the

poster. It rang the first time. No response. On the second

try, there was a response. The person on the other end of

the line was talking about the nature of the job and the

benefits to be derived by working for their firm.

From his job hunting experience, he knew immediately the

lady began speaking that it was one of the health affiliates

who required payment first for what they referred to as a

‘Licensing/Registration’ fee of about $68, before one

began working with them.

While he was still on the phone, a very pretty lady came

out of a shopping mall with grocery bags in her hands.

She was about 5.8″ tall and fair in appearance. She had a

figure that would make most men drool.

Suddenly she tripped and one of the grocery bags fell with

the contents spilling out. Damien immediately ended the

call since he knew he wasn’t going to go for the job

anyway, because he didn’t have the money to pay for their

‘Licensing’ fee. Being the gentleman that he was, he

quickly rushed to the aid of the lady.

The lady was surprised because no one had even cared to

stop to help her before he did. This is Lagos. It’s all man

for himself.

After putting the groceries back into the bag, the lady

thanked him profusely. Since he was tired of walking

around that day, coupled with the fact that the lady

seemed to be nice, and beautiful, he offered to carry her

grocery bags to the taxi park. She smiled because it’s

been a while since anyone treated her that way without

knowing who she really was.

He struggled with the grocery bags in both his hands and

the folder in his armpit. As he was going towards the taxi

park, she directed him to the area private car owners

parked their cars. ‘Wow, so she has a car’, he thought.

She smiled once again when she saw the obvious

confusion on his face.

She stopped behind one of the exotic cars in the car park.

It was a silver colored Chevrolet Camaro. Damien almost

gasped when he saw it. It’s been a while since he saw

such a car up close, and to think that this seemingly

‘ordinary’ lady drove the car, it was too much for him. ‘She

must be super rich’, he thought. ‘Is this your car?’, he

asked her.

She smiled and was about telling him her father got the

car for her after graduation when suddenly, two heavily

built men and a lady approached them, with two of them

displaying guns carefully hidden in newspapers. The guns

were 9mm berettas affixed with silencers. Both of them

holding the gun looked like they knew what they were

doing. They were not trembling and their fingers were

already trigger-ready. They definitely meant business.

The whole situation materialized within seconds. The

scene played out like they had rehearsed it several

months before. The lady and one of the men with a gun

pointed the guns at both of them and the one without a

gun, obviously their leader, spoke up with a croaky voice.

‘Make any noise or draw any attention to us and we’ll

blow up your fvcking heads! Now just quietly follow us to

that van!’ He pointed to an idling van parked at side of the


Damien was shocked and confused. He didn’t know what

to do at that moment. He recognized what was happening

as a

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